Surely you can see the connections among all these events.

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Detail of “truth about UFOs”-type ad from Super Star Heroes #1 (December 1978):

“A UFO is sighted over Centreville, VA in December 2002…exactly one year later, Mike Sterling starts his comics blog. Coincidence?”

BONUS: to fight the coming (or, rather, ongoing) UFO invasion, we’re gonna need a well-armed populace. So scrape together your eleven 1978-dollars and send in for this:

I suspect what kids were expecting (“HA! Take that, car!” [shoots gun, car explodes]) was quite a bit different from what they ended up with (“Oh, look, I can shine a red dot on the wall for the cat to chase”).

3 Responses to “Surely you can see the connections among all these events.”

  • Joe Williams says:

    I love the bizarre ads that used to appear in comics. There were the ads that we are all familiar with like the Charles Atlas ads, but these were the obscure ones by the weird little dreamers. It is the part of the comics reading experience I sorely miss.

    You think Rorschach placed the UFO ad?

  • De says:

    Centreville, VA? That’s a pretty random location to pull out of your hat. It’s a 10-minute car ride away from me. Haven’t seen any UFOs though.

  • Mike Sterling Sr says:

    Exactly 25 years after the Sterling family moved from Centreville, VA, coincidence–I think not