Miscellaneous things, in brief.

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  • Bully, The Little Stuffed Bull That Walks Like A Little Stuffed Bull, has been presenting some fine examples of Chris Claremont’s most Claremonty angsting, and you can dig ’em right here at Bully’s “Claremont” blog tag.
  • Oh, hey, check out this new Star Trek webcomic by Kevin Church and Ming Doyle. It’s satirical-licious!
  • Well, that Green Lantern: Hal Jordan movie prequel comic certainly was a retelling of a few brief scenes from the film. Nice Jerry Ordway art, though. And that makes two Hal Jordan-logoed comics on the stands at the same time!
  • RELATED: “What were Hal Jordan, Sinestro, Kilowog, Abin Sur and The Guardians all doing before the curtains rise on June 17?” Not reading a complete set of the prequel comics! Christopher Butcher notes the shipping issues the GL prequels have been having, and how it might bode ill for the coming DC September o’Number Ones.

  • BEHOLD – a third GL-related bulletpoint: even though the “War of the Lanterns” crossover has been botched a bit by the scheduling problems, this week’s Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #11, which takes place after the conclusion of that storyline, doesn’t really spoil much for that storyline. Oh, except that Guy is still alive. And still a Green Lantern.
  • Speaking of logos, which I was a couple of bulletpoints ago: so The Iron Age tie-in mini-series came out from Marvel, and the first issue has two different covers. Having two different cover images is one thing, but one has a big ol’ AVENGERS logo, and the other has a big ol’ CAPTAIN BRITAIN logo, both overwhelming the tiny little “IRON AGE” logo stripped across the top edge of the cover. They look for all the world like they’re two different comic book series. It is not immediately apparent that they’re simply two variations on the same comic. It can be a tad bit misleading, if you’re not paying attention.
  • Seriously, I don’t know why comics folk don’t just consult Dr. Polite Scott first before putting together any medically-involved scene, because they’re totally going to get it wrong otherwise.
  • Finally got my hands on Jim Woodring’s Congress of the Animals hardcover, after some screw-up (i.e. Mike maybe missing that line in the order form during the initial orders) resulted in not receiving the book as soon as it was out. But it’s here, and it’s just as beautifully-dreamlike and nightmarish as much of Woodring’s work. I’m terrible at describing things, so let me send you to this brief preview.
  • In case you can’t make it to a Transformers 3 showing this summer, Andrew has got you covered.
  • Pals Dorian and Ken present their monthly movie trailer reviews, which is always one of my favorite things to read.
  • I have had to remove the Amazon.com affiliate links from my sidebar, as the company will no longer send referral payments to affiliates located in California. (You can read more about it here.) Those few extra dollars a month did help out quite a bit, and I want to thank everyone who used those links to order things and sent me some coin of the realm in the process.

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  • Happenstance says:


    Seriously? They’re so butthurt over having to give up their wildly unfair advantage that they’re taking it out on referral affiliates? PSSSSHHHHHH

    Time to start ordering from other sources, I think. I’ll be sure to tell them WHY before I cut them off, though. Wouldn’t want them to think it’s because of taxes.

  • Gordon says:

    I know, Amazon is doing the same thing in Illinois, mostly because our government insists that they (Amazon) pay business taxes. Of course, there is a high contingent of crackpots, er, I mean, “entrepreneurs” who see this as an infringement on their business.

    And when I say “entrepreneurs” I mean “affiliate marketers with websites”. Now, I’ll look for some other ways to make a little dough…of course, I have an ad for the LEGENDS OF THE SUPERHEROES DVD. So order it from me. (And Mike, I’ll send you the info if interested)

  • Anonymous says:

    Now I’m starting to see why Rich Handley has to “focus on paying gigs” (groan!) instead of actually updating his brilliant Roots of The Swamp Thing site. What? No exclusive interviews with Vankin and Snyder? Come on!

    How much longer until a certain Little Stuffed Bull goes broke from lack of Adsense and stops blogging as well? What a sad day that will be! Not everyone can run a successful funnybook store. :(

  • Old Bull Lee says:

    I’m sorry the Amazon thing happened Mike. I used to click here before hitting their site to try to help you out a little.

    Also thank you posting about it without going on a self-righteous political rant. For that I’m sending you a Paypal donation!

  • CW says:

    I second Old Bull Lee’s sentiments, Mike. It’s very nice to visit a blog where the author’s politics aren’t front and center.

  • Allan says:

    It seems that Emerald Warriors #11 is a fill-in issue because it certaintly doesn’t match the original solicitation which was supposed to deal with the Green Lantern War fallout. Which begs the question of why they just didn’t delay the issue until War of the Green Lanterns finished.