It’s Only Love Doing Its Swamp Thing.

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So reader LT was good enough to send along a couple of DC Universe Online screen shots featuring Swamp Thing…he tells me this first screen is a shot of Swampy in the Justice League Watchtower’s arboretum (which, I guess if you’re going to have Swamp Thing hanging out with our favorite superheroes, they better make him feel at home in their satellite headquarters):

Here’s a better look at the detail on Swamp Thing’s skin. Looks like the League also offers Turtle Waxing services:

Pull back a bit, and we see a few more characters in the scene with Swampy:

Facing off against Mr. S. Thing (who seems to have a nice grimace, there) is LT’s character:

And off to the side is another character standing next to one of the JLA’s gardening staffers, who clearly is in a rush to finish his work and has no patience for any superhero shenanigans:

LT also tells me that in the game, Swamp Thing’s voice “sounds like somebody trying to do a Barry White parody.” I’m sure that came in handy when Swamp Thing started putting the moves on Abby.

Thanks, LT, for sending those screenshots along!

5 Responses to “It’s Only Love Doing Its Swamp Thing.”

  • Noah says:

    Oh yeah that voice is horrible, “I am…. …. Swamp Thing… … … … And I represent the green… … … …. …. growing things… …. …. …. ….. …… ….. of earth.”

    You have to listen to it over and over and it takes forever.

  • I HAD to check out the Swampy appearance, and found a clip on youtube.

    The voice sounds a lot like Michael Dorn (aka ; WORF from ST: TNG), but while I thought it was the ubiquitous Phil LaMarr, it was someone named Chilimbwe Washington.

    Never before has the green sounded so groovy.


  • kid nicky says:

    If I was publishing self-insertion fanfic,it wouldn’t be about Spider-Man explaining pissing to me.

  • philfromgermany says:

    That “arboretum” makes me wanna start a Swampie Liberation Front… :(

  • White Lantern Alec Holland says:

    Still in severe Swamp Thing completist mode here (want to get all this done before Snyder’s new ST hits the shelves):

    Find anything in those letters pages from The House of Secrets Speaks? I’d like to see the initial responses to the very first ST story from HoS #92 since those letters were so important!

    Also, a new request. Need the complete rundown explaining the following magazines:

    Critics Choice Files Magazine Spotlight #1: Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing.

    Critics Choice Files Magazine Spotlight #2: Swamp Thing—Green Mansions.

    Critics Choice Files Magazine Spotlight #3: Swamp Thing—Finale.