I will happily link to images of that Burt Reynolds centerfold for pretty much any reason.

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So something caught my eye in that issue of Popeye #148 recently pulled an image or two from recently. On the inside front cover was an ad for (mostly) celebrity posters, each with a tiny thumbnail image, which also included this fine example of pseudo-Star Wars ephemera:

Sadly, I could find no good larger-sized image of the actual poster, as opposed to this tiny pic from the ad, but did find this year-old Tumblr post featuring a similarly-sized scan, as well as pics of the Adam Rich poster and the full ad in question.

I couldn’t track down any more info about this poster, which shouldn’t be too surprising, but even just this tiny image, blown up as it is, tantalizes with the ’70s cheesy Star Wars knockoff goodness it surely contains.

Alternately, this ad also featured this Bullwinkle poster, a parody of the famous (and possibly NSFW) Burt Reynolds Cosmopolitan centerfold:

This, I could find better images for, at an auction site, which gives a lot of two posters and an iron-on transfer of this image a $400 to $700 price range or starting bid or some darn thing. That listing also notes a possible legal action that removed the name “Burt Reynolds” from the original version of that image, which I can’t find verification for, but there’s no denying “Burt Reynolds” is no longer on that poster.

So anyway, there’s a little something that isn’t half-panicked DC Comics news. Please enjoy this little oasis of goofiness.

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