Superboy and the Ravers Saturday #1.

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THE 1990S

from Superboy and the Ravers #7 (March 1997) by Karl Kesel, Steve Mattsson, Paul Pelletier & Dan Davis

6 Responses to “Superboy and the Ravers Saturday #1.”

  • Jeff Hebert says:

    Good stuff, Mike. I’d have sworn that was Byrne’s pencils, but I guess like Liefeld he inspired a bevy of imitators. Only, you know, he and they could actually draw.

    I totally ripped this off for my Random Panel today, by the way. Thievery is such a bad character trait, but I did give you credit and a linkback, so hopefully the judge will be lenient in the sentencing phase.

  • Bully says:

    Yay! Two years of the Ravers!

  • Alex says:

    That actually looks like an entertaining comic book.

  • I think at times we’ve all had ectoplasmic friends whom others found repulsive.

  • Bear says:

    I can’t believe I’ve never read a single issue of this.

  • Gavin says:

    For the first several issues (Maybe up until the “Genesis” crossover? Something like that.), it really was an entertaining comic book, silly title notwithstanding. I enjoyed it much more than the main Superboy title at the time!