I’d probably be okay with a Swamp Thing vs. Harley Quinn cover, come to think of it.

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Well, Green Arrow #12 is out, and its year-long kinda-sorta ties to the Swamp Thing milieu are at an end, it appears. And thankfully, at least this time the variant cover didn’t also feature Swamp Thing, because good gravy they’ve got me double-dipping on enough books as it is. I’m already buying two copies each of the Search for Swamp Thing mini-series because I’m, you know, stupid. But as I am occasionally reminded by friends and / or coworkers who think they’re helping, at least DC doesn’t do “[Character] Appreciation Months,” where every variant cover for every title features, like, Wolverine or Thor or whoever else has a movie coming out soon, even if that character doesn’t appear in said comic. That’d be fantastic, trying to track down some 1/200 Swamp Thing Appreciation Month Sketch Variant Retailer Incentive Cover for Gotham City Sirens or something.

But perhaps I digress.

Anyway, I was wrong and yet, sorta right, when someone asked if Green Arrow #12 would be Swamp Thing’s third funnybook appearance this year. I said “no,” since it was my thought they didn’t want to mess with the character between the cliffhanger ending of Brightest Day #24 and the resolution of same in the forthcoming Search for Swamp Thing mini. And they way I’m sorta right is that [ahem…SPOILER ALERT, I guess] this isn’t really “the next appearance of Swamp Thing after the events of Brightest Day” as much as “here is what Green Arrow was up to while the events of Brightest Day #24 were goin’ down,” and we get to see that White Lantern Swampy Versus Black Lantern Swampy battle from a different angle. In case you missed any important details the first time around.

By the way, this issue of Green Arrow has already sold a lot better than other recent issues, and in my own entirely unbiased opinion, it’s because they put Swamp Thing on the cover. So, you know, maybe the possibility of a sales-boosting Swamp Thing Just on The Variant Cover And Not Inside The Book Appreciation Month isn’t that farfetched.*

* Yes, it is that farfetched. I’m not entirely delusional.

4 Responses to “I’d probably be okay with a Swamp Thing vs. Harley Quinn cover, come to think of it.”

  • Anonymous says:

    What do the variants on Search For Swamp Thing #2-3 look like? Scans, please?

  • Andres says:

    I’m sure that issue of Green Arrow sold better than usual but how many of those sales were to you?

  • Anonymous says:

    Maybe DC won’t reprint it and you’ll have another Green Arrow #101 on your hands.

  • Anonymous says:

    Swamp Thing did cameo a couple of times at the start of the GA issue before it went into “Brightest Day Battle Flashback Mode”, so this does sort of count as this year’s third ST appearance.