I should add a wolf howl to my site, too.

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Fantasy and comics artist Jeffrey Catherine Jones has passed away, and my condolences to her friends and family. Tom Spurgeon has an extensive obituary that you should read.

Jones, by the way, was one of the uncredited art assistants who helped Bernie Wrightson beat the deadline on that original Swamp Thing story in House of Secrets #92. You can read more about that in this interview with Wrightson.

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In other news:

  • New Adam Warrock EP, “This Man…This Emcee” available for purchase! Only $5! Listen to the sample track “Marvel Vs. DC” at that link! Exclamation point!
  • The first storyline of The Line (by Kevin Church and Paul Salvi) just wrapped up, and if you’re coming to the strip late, you can start right here.
  • Pal Dorian reminds us of that Dan DeCarlo story from Penthouse Comix. Betty, no! (Link slightly NSFW.)
  • It’s been going around the nerdinet again lately, though the actual process of posting all the pages was, according to the site, completed in 2009 (on my birthday, in fact!). But it’s always worth noting that every single page of the Elfquest comic book series is online for free reading. However, as of a couple of days ago, a PayPal “Donate” button was recently added, so, if you enjoy the Elfquest, drop ’em a buck or three at least to thank Wendy and Richard Pini for their generosity.

    By the way, the wolf howl on the intro page startled the hell out of me.

  • So there’s an unpublished Donald Duck story by Don Rosa that had been laid out but never completed, and Comics Alliance, in association with Boom! Studios, is presenting all the pages right here. (You can get a print version in the recently-releaed Walt Disney Treasury: Donald Duck Vol. 1.)

2 Responses to “I should add a wolf howl to my site, too.”

  • Mars says:

    Actually, according to the link comments, it’s not by DeCarlo (he was offered the job but said “yuck” and declined). The raciest thing I’ve seen from DeCarlo was something he drew for a friend where Veronica was pulling her bikini top with her pointer finger and exposing more cleavage than usual. Not quite this far, but still far enough that Archie wouldn’t go for it. It was printed in the “Dan DeCarlo’s Jetta” collection.

  • scotty says:

    I’m surprised that Elfquest has been recolored again. That makes at least the fourth time. The first (and best) were the original Starblaze editions. There was the Marvel comic book edition. There was another collection by, I believe, WaRP. And then this latest set that was apparently published by DC in the early 2000s. The last were all too obviously done on computer and look terrible IMHO.