I’m not entirely sure this qualifies as a happy ending.

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Creepy, maybe.

from Ghostly Tales #162 (August 1983)

8 Responses to “I’m not entirely sure this qualifies as a happy ending.”

  • Bully says:

    I’m glad she explained it all for them.

  • J.W.Rollins says:

    …and his money.

  • This way she gets what every married woman truly wants;

    A companion to talk to…

    …bound to her side eternally by love…

    …and no requirements for sex.

  • philip says:

    Somebody’s been watching The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.

  • Adam says:

    And they all lived creepily ever after. Much more realistic…

  • Dean says:

    Is she straightening the ghost’s lapel? Weird.

  • Dav-El says:

    Clarissa: “Rupert! Where are you going?”
    Rupert: “Er, just out, dear, for..ah, a breath of fresh air!”
    Clarissa: “You’re dead! You don’t need to breathe!”
    Rupert: “Er, no, um, just a figure of speech…just need to..ah, stretch my legs…”
    Clarissa: “You’re going to haunt that woman who lives across the street!”
    Rupert: “Who? Me? No! I mean, no…er..”
    Clarissa: “Don’t lie to me! You forget, Rupert, I can see right thru you!”

  • Scott Phillips says:

    That’s the current artist for “Apartment 3-G” in the funny papers. He was a little less sloppy back in the Charlton days, but not much.