The Joker was so excited, he slipped while putting on his lipstick.

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DC Comics Presents #50 (October 1982) had a two-page pin-up by Alex Saviuk and Frank Giacoia featuring all of Superman’s guest-stars thus far in the series’ run, and shown here is a detail from that image with Swamp Thing and some of his super-pals:

Speaking of Swamp Thing and his super-pals, one of my readers directed me to this bit of business over at the DC Comics site presenting a Certain Mr. Swamp Creature of Some Renown popping up on the cover of a Certain Year-Long Superhero Event Maxi-Series of Some Notoriety.

10 Responses to “The Joker was so excited, he slipped while putting on his lipstick.”

  • Greg G says:

    Do not want Swamp Thing-with-a-logo.

  • Old Bull Lee says:

    Why is Swampy so smooth? Has he been manscaped with a weedeater?

  • Pablo says:

    I like the subtle touch of a world-known psychopath who has murdered, maimed and killed – and probably commited one or two crimes against humanity – right in the middle of the superhero family photo album. I guess there´s hope for all of us, after all.

  • Sarah says:

    I don’t like the way Aquaman is looking at me. It makes me feel funny.

  • S says:

    Who’s the guy in the upper right corner?

  • That’s DR. BOWLING BALL!
    He “STRIKES” fear into the Hearts of Men… and will “SPARE” none!

    No, no… it’s really “Severed-Head-in-a-Sac-Lad”, one of the darker characters in the Legion of Substitute Heroes…

    uh… not really… it’s actually “ACCESSORY ACE”, known for his mis-matched cowl and handbag styles…

    OK, I really have no idea who the heck it is.

    Probably something like “Jack O’ Lantern” or something, judging by the “trick-or-treat” lantern he’s carrying.


  • Dav-El says:

    Actually, that IS Jack O’Lantern.

  • Damn…reallY?
    I honestly had no idea.

    I guess clothes DO make the man.

  • White Lantern Alec Holland says:

    Thanks, Sterling! George Perez did another pin-up a year earlier in DC Presents #38. Would you please show us that one?

  • JC says:

    And yet you fail to mention Aquaman’s milk mustache…

    Where would Aquaman get milk, anyhow? Probably from a sea cow. How would you milk an animal underwater? And would you get a milk mustache? I don’t want to think about this anymore.