Seriously, that’s a whole lot of Pac-Man.

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  • BLOG FROM ANOTHER UNIVERSE: #1 – Mark Millar’s Invisibles; #2 – Rob Liefeld’s Big Numbers; #3 – Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four #5000.
  • That little stuffed bull, Bully, who is stuffed, little, and apparently also a bull, puts his horns to Charlton Comics’ pin-up-book-disguised-as-a-narrative Partridge Family series.

    I could have sworn I’ve discussed the Partridge Family on this site before, but I think I may be confusing discussing the book in shop with writing about it on the site, which is become more and more of a problem the longer I do this internet thingie here. Anyway…well, you should go read Bully’s post first before you read my little bit of business. Go on.

    Okay, my specific example of what I remember from the Partridge Family comic totally backs up what Bully was saying…there was a three page story that was laid out like this: page one, with story title something like “Lost at Sea,” and a full page drawing of David Cassidy saying “Boy, that was some adventure I just had, when I was lost at sea!” Page two, an actual attempt of a narrative, with four or six panels showing a boat being tossed about in a storm, along with some narration from David about what a terrible storm it was. Page three, another full page drawing of David, saying something similar to “I sure am glad I was rescued from being lost at sea!” THE END.

  • So Anna has unleashed an Amethyst Tumblr, which serves as a nice reminder that this was a solid fantasy comic that deserves more attention than it gets. Though, as Anna mentions, the character is returning in the one Flashpoint event tie-in comic I plan on reading, Secret Seven. (I was planning on skipping Flashpoint altogether, but, you know, George Perez art. We all have our weaknesses.)
  • Sometimes I forget there was a Pac-Man cartoon. Or I wish I could forget, more accurately.

    By the way, if you’re a Pac-Man fan, I’m about to ruin your whole day.

  • Oh, hey, Life Magazine did a thing on our book Write More Good.

    Life. Oh my goodness.

3 Responses to “Seriously, that’s a whole lot of Pac-Man.”

  • Bully says:

    Thanks or the link, Mister S! I only wish I had more Partridge Family comic books so I could blog about David Cassidy being lost at sea.

    Except my version would end with him never being rescued.

    No more David Cassidy in the late ’70s? Play fast and loose with the time continuum?

    Sure, why not!

  • Anna says:

    Thanks for spreading the word about the new Amethyst Tumblr!

  • Shinwell Johnson says:

    I remember one issue of THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY in which Reuben Kincaid reminisced about the movies and radio shows of his youth. It began with a full-page drawing of Dave Madden, engaged in dialogue with off-panel characters. The rest of the story consisted of full-page drawings of Hopalong Cassidy, the Shadow, and the like…and nothing else (well, there was a full-page drawing of an old radio).