WRITE MORE GOOD is out in stores today…

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…at least officially, as we’ve been getting reports of some folks breaking that April 5th street date. But, it is now out, we’ve been getting some very positive advance reviews (some of which are linked in these posts on the Bureau Chiefs site), and here’s hoping the book does very well.

At the very least, what those of us who wrote Write More Good have in that book is a…well, “testament” sounds too presumptuous, and “souvenir” seems too frivolous, but whatever it is, it’ll remain for us as an example of a bunch of like-minded folks from all across this country, some of us having never even met, coming together and successfully assembling a project, mostly just in whatever free time we happened to have.

Some reviewers, and even Mr. Roger Ebert who noted this in the introduction for our book, commented on the fact that we didn’t just transcribe the Fake AP Stylebook Twitter account that got us this book deal, but actually put the effort into writing a lot of new material. But what amazes me about this is not just that we wrote all that new material, but that we were all as cohesive as we were in maintaining the particular tone of the writing. Also, that our respective senses of humor not only merged together so well, but complemented each other, each of us bringing our specific areas of knowledge and / or obsession into the mix. And having read the book, it certainly doesn’t feel like a mishmash of multiple writers.

Of course, it certainly helped that Ken Lowery and Mark Hale, creators of Fake AP Stylebook and editors of Write More Good, worked as hard as they did taking everyone’s contributions and assembling them together into the final product. For that, and for even inviting me into this project in the first place, I thank them.

I hope I’m not sounding like I’m patting my own back or anything here…I truly am astounded that something that just started as a goof among online friends amusing each other has resulted in an honest-to-Gutenberg actual print book that one can go into a real bookstore and purchase with authentic coin of the realm. Or, alternatively, buy a real book online:

So there we go. Write More Good is now officially out in the wild, and let’s see how it goes. If you’re going to buy the book, now would be the time, to get us pushed up those Amazon charts, and maybe, just maybe, onto a bestseller list or two. …LET THE BOY DREAM.

Thanks for putting up with yet another plugfest for this book. I promise to keep Write More Good discussion to brief links from here on out, should I feel the need to mention it again. Or at least until the one-star Amazon reviews start rolling in, because I’m sure those are going to be amazing.

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