Note that you never see a comic blurbed as having “7 Lusty Gutsy Red Tornado Stories.”

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I’m mostly just pointing out this comic, G.I. Combat #211 (January 1979):

…because of the most excellent cover blurb:

Oooh yeah. That’s not something you’d see on today’s comics (with the possible exception of El Gorgo).

Of course, that’s “lusty” in the general sense of “characterized by healthy vigor” as opposed to “bow chicka wow wow,” despite all appearances of the “A Luger for Lisa” story advertised on the back cover:

NOTE: At no time in the actual story does Lisa tool around in a bikini top. She does, however, pack some heat.

I suppose the other stories are plenty lusty and gutsy, though having three Haunted Tank stories in one issue really was kind of pushing it, even if one of them is titled “A Nice Day for Killing,” which sounds nicely men’s true adventure magazine-ish.

The best story is “The Steel Storm-Troopers” (or “The Steel Stormtrooper,” as the cover would have it), where American troops fight Nazi robot soldiers, and we get some swell panels like this, approved by the Comics Code because, hey, it’s just a robot:

Oh, lusty, gutsy comics. Nowadays we’ve got talky, paddy comics, and pretty sure we’re not better for it.

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Speaking of lusty gutsy books, the Fake AP Stylebook book Write More Good by me and a few people who aren’t me is coming out tomorrow…tomorrow! Here’s a sample chapter, and immediately below is the Amazon link:

I know I’ve been mentioning the book a lot, and I’ll probably mention it again tomorrow on the actual release day because, hey, I’m pretty excited about it. Thanks for putting up with me in the meantime, folks.

covers by Joe Kubert, interior panel by George Kashdan and Fred Carrillo

6 Responses to “Note that you never see a comic blurbed as having “7 Lusty Gutsy Red Tornado Stories.””

  • Jeff Hebert says:

    Dude, if *I* had a book being published, you can bet your bottom dollar I’d be crowing about it on an HOURLY basis. Pimp away all you like, my friend, you’ve more than earned it and it’s uplifting to hear about it for all us wanna-bes out here!

    Also, it’s interesting to see the “Steel Stormtrooper”, as I finally watched the “Batman: The Brave and the Bold” episode last night featuring “G.I. Robot” and Sgt. Rock. Good stuff.

  • Walaka says:

    I love “lusty, gutsy” comics, except my inner ear wants to make them “lusty, gusty” comics (windblown lovers?) or sometimes “lutsy, gutsy” comics (I have no idea what that might mean).

  • MrJM says:

    Unsolicited Endorsement: The Fake AP Stylebook book “Write More Good” is a great way to top off an Amazon order and qualify for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25!

    — MrJM

  • Wayne Allen Sallee says:

    Mike, I’m a writer full-time, I’ve learned to self-promote. I see your little doo-dad in the right corner, and that is quite the subliminal (to me)idea there. I’d consider one of you guys starting up a Like page on Facebook. I hope the book does well for all involved.

  • Mike McGee says:

    I think the last lusty, gutsy comic I read was Neonomicon. Lots of lust, lots of…you know…guts. I’m pretty sure that’s not the kind of thing they’re talking about here, though.

    Good luck with WRITE MORE GOOD! I’m buying it for a few people, and will surely talk it up to those I don’t love enough to spend money on. You know the type I mean.

  • Josh says:

    Wait, wouldn’t Red Tornado stories be gusty more than gutsy?