I use the word “also” a lot in this post, but I’m too sleepy to care.

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So I just got in from one of our store’s semi-occasional Midnight Madness sales, where pal Andres helped out through the entire evening, and Awesome Hospital‘s Matt Digges brought me a case of Diet Coke as tribute, and also it was Employee Aaron’s fiancée Kempo’s birthday, and anyway, I’m tired, so all you’re getting today is that Questprobe computer game screenshot above, apparently from Hulk’s Bondage & Domination Adventure. Thanks indeed,Joe ‘n’ Jim!

Oh, also, I helped Moment of [Alan] Moore again, so enjoy.

Plus, pals Dorian and Ken have once again produced their monthly movie trailer reviews…only this time enlisting the Bureau Chiefs, including myself, to contribute their own reviews. I’m a terrible reviewer, but I did my best. Also, we have a book coming out this Tuesday, perhaps you’ve heard.

Okay, that’s enough…I gotta be back at work in about ten hours, so I’m getting some shut-eye. See you folks tomorrow!

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