Have I got some funny out-of-context comic panels for you!

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…Like this one!

Man, who is Aunt May talking to? I don’t see anyone! She’s asking someone who’s not there to bring her a mop! That’s hilarious!

And get a load of this!

Doom clearly had someone on his staff specifically for going around his castle and lighting candles in the light fixtures. That’s totally crazy!

What’s going on in this next image?

Why, Archie’s about to be arrested for assaulting those three guys, of course! Boy, is he in trouble!

And check this out!

Three of the heroes are worried about their wives or girlfriends, while Batman has no woman in his life, and therefore only has to worry about his crimefighting partner, with whom he’s clearly shaken hands following a successful capture of an arch-criminal and passed on the “doom” described by the villain in that panel! Just goes to show you that there’s more than one way these evil fiends can trip up our favorite heroes!

And then in this panel:

…well, actually, I don’t get what’s funny about this one.

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