Sleepytime link-logging.

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  • So some of the folks from Fake AP Stylebook have a little something in the online edition of The Wall Street Journal. Take a gander and discover…”Grammar’s Dirty Little Secret.” Also, buy our bookplease. Or the Kindle version.
  • Andrew tackles a new Nobody’s Favorite, this time written by, and starring, an actress we actually had at the shop for a signing for this particular comic at the time. The comic was…eh, but she was very nice, and good with the fans who showed up.
  • Gerry at CO2 Comics ponders the language of comics.
  • So this was on the front page of Yahoo! a couple of days ago:

    Well, I know I hadn’t heard of cobras until seeing the Indiana Jones films.

    Okay, maybe they probably meant a specific type of cobra, but c’mon.
  • 4 Responses to “Sleepytime link-logging.”

    • Jack Fear says:

      I was gonna be a fanboy pedant and point out that the snakes in Raiders weren’t even cobras, but “Asps — very deadly” — but like any good fanboy pedant I checked Wikipedia first and discovered that asp is, in fact, an archaic term for the Egyptian cobra. Who knew?

      Still, in that light, it really be “A lethal species made famous by legends about Cleopatra,” yeah?

    • Steven E. McDonald says:

      My firt thought was “Wait, where’s G.I. Joe?!”

    • J.W.Rollins says:

      Be careful when you ignite buzz. It can be very dangerous.

    • m4 says:

      20 years of you flogging that “there/their/they’re”-joke, and now this? Mike, don’t make me declare a Blood Feud on your family. The art of Kanley still has many admirers on the Internet.