I often have the same reaction when I too see a cow.

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from Black Fury #11 (November 1957)

In other news:

  • A brief postscript to my marathon Man-Thing postings…both pal Nat and Buzz Dixon popped into the comments yesterday to relate a story regarding primary Man-Thing writer Steve Gerber’s own experience with the Giant-Size Man-Thing title, so feel free to take a gander at that, if you haven’t already.
  • Okay, so Andrew’s moved his Nobody’s Favorites feature to Tuesdays (latest installment here), but that’s not what I want to tell you about. What I want to tell you about is Andrew’s latest, most malevolent plan…a creation so dire, so purely evil that I shudder to even contemplate it. Arising from this long ago Nobody’s Favorite entry comes this, the most terrifying Tumblr of all time. ABANDON ALL HOPE.
  • For balance, here is a Tumblr of pure love and joy: it’s the official Tumblr of Bully, the Little Stuffed Bull: the Little Stuffed Tumblr!
  • Behold the soul patch of Evil Superboy.
  • Mag reviews the new Garth Ennis series Jennifer Blood, which sort of surprised me by absolutely tanking at our shop. Man, I tried to get it to move. “Hey, new Ennis series!” I’d say to our regular Ennis fans. “Nah, thanks anyway,” sez they. Maybe going one too many times to the bleakly-violent well, perhaps? I really have no idea.
  • If only Boom! Studios had plugged this a little more on their Twitter feed…! Ah, but I kid my pals over at Boom! as they’re just excited, and rightly so, about their new Hellraiser comic, and they want folks to download that PDF file featuring the exclusive Clive Barker co-written prologue (like, for example, from here). Yeah, I know, I was just half-complaining about a comic maybe being too “bleakly violent” in the previous bullet point, but, hey, it’s Clive Barker writing new Hellraiser material. I’ll cut this some slack.
  • A brief reminder that the Fake AP Stylebook book Write More Good, that I, and I alone, worked on, with absolutely no assistance from anyone else, is due out in stores April 5th. Read a free chapter here, and, if you so desire, order it from the below link:

    …or get it from the other online booksellers listed here. Buy the book critics have hailed as “forthcoming!” and “based on the Twitter account!” and “a book!”
  • Speaking of Twitter, I hope this Twitter account is revived soon. EDIT: It lives, it lives!

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  • CW says:

    Never once heard a horse go “whee!” except for those rare instances when the local amusement park had an “equines get in free” day …