“Beat it — batter it — thresh it — flail it”

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So all that Man-Thing talk from yesterday had me going through some of my older Man-Thing comics, and I thought I’d share this bit of business. It’s Manny beatin’ the crap out of his recurring devilish nemesis Thog, from Adventure into Fear #11 (Dec 1972) — the first Man-Thing story written by the writer who would be most associated with the character, Steve Gerber.

The art’s by Rich Buckler and Jim Mooney, and I don’t know who decided to put in that last panel with the “reaction shot” up there, but it amuses me for no good reason I can name. It’s like he’s just about to whip on his sunglasses and is on the verge of laying a David Caruso-esque one-liner on us. “This demon…couldn’t take the heat.” “YEEEAAAAAAAAAH!!!!”

Anyway…Man-Thing. Enjoy.

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