I helped write a book, and I would like you to buy it.

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So I’ve talked a few times before about this, but now, with the release date nearly upon us, hopefully you will excuse me if I lay the hard sell on you:

Write More Good, the book written by the folks who inflicted Fake AP Stylebook upon the world, is due for release on April 5th. It’s not just gags from the Twitter feed, but mostly all-new material carefully and lovingly handcrafted by me, pal Dorian, and a few other roustabouts and ne’er-do-wells. I think it’s laugh-out-loud funny, and some of the stuff the other guys wrote is pretty good, too. Some excerpts from the book should be available online shortly, and I’ll let you know when they start popping up.

It’s a satirical look at the world of journalism, a silly exercise in wordplay, and I also wrote some fart jokes. Two in the same chapter! The science chapter, even! I used to get in trouble as a kid for saying the word “fart,” and now I get paid for writing it! America…what a country!

And, hey, check that out. Legendary film critic Roger Ebert wrote the introduction. Let me repeat that…Roger freakin’ Ebert wrote the introduction. Is your mind blown? I know mine is.

Anyway, the book is a lot of fun, and we had a great time writing it, and I hope you folks try it out and enjoy it as well. You can preorder a copy right here from my site:

…or you can pick it up from many other online booksellers listed here.

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In related news, I told you before about how some of us Bureau Chiefs folks were working on a new project, a parody of those “how-to” guides of dubious usefulness that litter the web. Well, that site has moved from its Tumblr beginnings to its own domain at The Content Farm. Updated daily with all new instructional guides that are just about as reliable as your typical content farm, but intentionally funny! There is also a Twitter feed that not only informs you when the site is updated, but also features original short-form material as well. So go ahead…follow us on Twitter. It’s free!

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Phew! Thanks for sticking through that, gang. I’ll probably post a brief reminder in a week or so, and another big push just before the Big Day, so consider yourself forewarned.

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