“We heard you like skulls, so we put a skull on your skull.”

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From an April ’88 Comic Images retailer solicitation sheet comes this, one of the greatest Punisher merchandise taglines ever:

Tagline presumably would also work with a Bi-Beast hat.

7 Responses to ““We heard you like skulls, so we put a skull on your skull.””

  • A few (dumb) thoughts:

    1) The skull is shaped like a heart.
    “I ‘heart’ Death” seems to be the message.

    2) The elongated shape of the “skull” and “teeth” now seem to say:
    “I ‘heart’ dead rabbits”

    3) The tiny, realistic-looking pistol Punisher is brandishing seems almost quaint now compared to the “Rob Leifeldian” lead-death-emitters that comic heroes now heft around.

    4) Imagine is Punisher really WAS trying to build up a brand for himself?
    The clientele would consist of the entirety of the G.O.P., Tea-Baggers and the Sarah Palin fiefdom of Alaska.

    5) Hate-bloggers will now descend, em-masse.

    Happy Sunday, everyone!


  • MrJM says:

    Is that cranium so oddly shaped because it isn’t actually human — is it really a skrull skull?

    — MrJM

  • argh…


    damn typos (it’s cold in here and fingers are uncooperative).


  • John says:

    Coming soon: Man-Thing brand condoms.

  • the Sniffer says:

    Why is the hate talk of Sanctum allowed? Is it becuase he hated the right people? Imagine this talk against anyone else. Go ahead… delete this now, so you can be partners in the hate talk.

  • Mikester says:

    “Imagine this talk against anyone else.”

    Man, I don’t need to. I’m the guy who does Estate 4.1, after all.

  • adam ford says:

    Bi-beast cap would be a skull-on-a-skull on your skull.