And now, something absolutely terrifying.

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Was just doing a little sightseeing over at the Grand Comics Database and just happened to see Startling Terror #11 (July 1952), with this cover by L.B. Cole:

The Ghost Spider of Death? Great googly-moogly.

The text is a bit hard to read in that scan, but I found a picture of a slabbed-and-graded copy that had a better view of that blurb, and have transcribed it here:

“Have you ever wondered why wickedness and evil remain in the world? How is it that some things can be explained, while others cannot? Are you sure you can walk without turning to see if you’re being followed? If you can sleep without fearing the unknown…then read this story for it may be the answer. Story? There are many who claim to have seen…and been bitten by…THE GHOST SPIDER OF DEATH!!”

So the Ghost Spider of Death’s bite isn’t immediately fatal, I guess. Also, the Ghost Spider is the reason why some things can’t be explained. Like tides, or magnets. THE GHOST SPIDER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR BOTH.

The logical conclusion to be drawn here is that “Ghost Spider of Death” is the answer to everything. Feel free to use when necessary.

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