Just look at this person’s face.

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Just look at it:

The sheer magnitude of the explosion has given the victim multiple sets of eyebrows.

I’m not 100% positive, but the person does appear to be a woman, judging by what seems to be earrings visible in the image:

…and thus, that “unibrow” immediately above the eyes may in fact be eyelashes, with a small printing error or ink blotch connecting the lashes above each eye. Also, I don’t know if the woman’s hair is simply being worn that way, or is in fact disheveled or “blown back” by the explosion’s force.

As to the text of the ad itself: the “can be used over and over again” statement leaves out the fact that if you do use it over and over again, your friends will eventually turn on you and kill you.

In conclusion…the exploding pen: harmless!

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