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You know, if I were releasing a boatload of Avengers comics to the stands every month:

…I don’t know that I’d obscure the subtitle of one of them, keeping customers from quickly identifying which Avengers title it happens to be. But, hey, what do I know, I just sell the things. It’s not like I’ve had to point it out to people specifically looking for it or anything.

In other news:

16 Responses to “Ruinalista.”

  • Steven E. McDonald says:

    The Cape? Batman knockoff with Orwell subbing for Oracle and a circus subbing for Batman Begins’ League Of Assassins.

    The alternative path for A Moment Of Claremont would be all the Suddenly We’re Lesbian moments.

  • Jack Fear says:

    Man, that Jason Aaron column is a Exhibit A in Missing The Point.

  • Martin Wisse says:

    And here’s a very nsfw moment of Alan Moore nobody should want to see.

  • cobalt says:

    I loved Misfits Of Science so much. Why isn’t it on DVD yet?

    I want a full season box set, with tons of extras, and I want it two years ago.

  • Siskoid says:

    Thanks for the link and thanks for the heads up about Wonder Man! I shan’t forget about him!

  • Old Bull Lee says:

    Mike, I want to thank you for always linking to situations like the Tom Ziuko one. I don’t follow a lot of comics blogs so I might have missed this if you hadn’t mentioned it. It helps me to know when I can help them, which helps them too!

  • Sleestak says:

    I’m of the opinion that today’s comics resemble the Golden and Silver age output in being ‘disposable’ even though the fans don’t see them that way. The creator are becoming ever more completion driven and really don’t seem to care what gets printed as long as something does to meet the ship date. Hence the covers and interiors that display a lack of editorial and quality control.

  • Nat Gertler says:

    Of course, your poster didn’t predict an Al Roker intro, merely Al Roker promotion – and that was something he already did for my book, The Peanuts Collection, as one can see at here.

  • A.L. Baroza says:

    I think that link of Martin Wisse’s should vault him into archenemy status. Well played, Martin.

    Is Al Roker a known comics fan or something? Or is this just one of those cosmic synchronicities that Sting used to sing about?

  • Thanks for the link! It’s much appreciated.

  • Prankster says:

    What is with the apparently industry-wide hissy fit everyone is throwing over some grumpy, offhand comments of Moore’s? I really don’t get this. The guy says “the comic industry sucks” and everyone starts clutching their pearls and acting personally offended. Aaron even acknowledges how silly it is to get offended, and then he does anyway. Jeez. When did everyone become so thin-skinned?

  • amrothery says:

    I rather liked the premiere of The Cape. Something about it strikes me as less Batman and more The Spirit, with a setup taken from Robocop and just a dash of Smallville and CBS’s The Flash for flavor.

    Of course,The Spirit+Robocop+Smallville+The Flash could also end up being the Anti-Life Equation. Too soon to tell.

  • Daniel says:

    I have the feeling that the Avengers : The Children’s Crusade title was obscured on purpose, perhaps to trick folks into buying it thinking it was a new issue of Avengers.

  • random surfer says:

    NBC’s cable only now?

  • Mikester says:

    random surfer – I meant that I receive no broadcast and/or cable TV in my home. It’s all iTunes and DVDs, my friend!

  • Froghourt says:

    Is it just me, or does saying Jason Aaron and Alan Moore in the same sentence create some sort of beard-vortex that sucks up all other beards?