“…For that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives.”

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Haven’t done this for a couple of years, and my pal Cable up there ain’t gonna let you go ’til you have something to say in the comments section. And what I’m looking for is…your predictions for 2011! No, no, not Coast to Coast AM-style “psychic” predictions, like “I expect a major storm to hit the U.S.” or “there will be unrest in the Mideast.” I mean, predictions about the comics industry, about publishing trends, about what may happen to your favorite characters, about the retail market, about fandom, etc., so on, and so forth.

Just leave ’em in the comments, but first read these rules that I cut ‘n’ pasted from the last time I did this, and that I’m asking you to please respect:

1. Don’t read the other predictions before entering your own! I’m curious to see how many people come up with similar ideas…that might tell us something about common perceptions of the industry.

2. Don’t criticize other people’s predictions There’ll be a chance to discuss the likelihood, or lack thereof, of some predictions in my forthcoming post analyzing the contributions. I would prefer not to have any arguments break out in my comments section.

3. Don’t predict anyone’s death. I mean, honestly. (ADDENDUM: I mean, the death of real people. Comic characters are fair game. Like B.C.‘s Cute Chick. She’s totally a goner.)

So, please, if you are so inclined, give it a shot. What do you see happening in the funnybook world over the next twelve months? Feel free to leave your predictions, as we are all interested in the future….

image from X-Men Adventures #8 (June 1993) by Ralph Macchio, Chris Batista & Mark McKenna

56 Responses to ““…For that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives.””

  • Mike says:

    not a prediction- but I would love a year where a powerful character or entity isn’t easily bamboozled and ‘taken over’– skrulls, black lanterns, chaos and other things become tiresome!

    where’s me plots based on sexy mayors!?

  • the Sniffer says:

    Joe Quesada will end his reign as Editor in Chief at Marvel. He will be given another job within the Disney Company, higher up. He will be replaced by a Disney insider, not currently someone working for Marvel.

  • Kurt Onstad says:

    Marvel and DC will be forced to merge, due to low sales, creating a new company called Marcy. The best-selling book will be their team up book, Brave & The Two-in-One.

  • Rich Handley says:

    Swamp Thing will return, but in the mainstream universe. His story will become far less cerebral as he regularly interacts with folks in Spandex.

  • TomO. says:

    DC will lose patience waiting for everyone to flock to their titles now that they are all $2.99, and we’ll see a line-wide increase to $3.99 announced by October 2011.

    There will be a lot of flailing about with the industry finding a digital platform and model embraced by the readership at large. Nothing major happens in 2011, as I still think we have another year before an iTunes model pops up that dominates industry wide.

    Pogs come back in a big way!

  • Steve says:

    At least one independent publisher will go completely day-and-date with digital releases.

    Marvel and DC won’t go fully day-and-date, but one of them will try it with an *ongoing* series (priced the same as the print version).

    The Thor and Captain America movies will make a ton of money, but not quite as much as was hoped for, leading some to question whether the superhero movie is dead and whether Marvel’s strategy in that arena is sound, even though they make a ton of money.

    Fear Itself will make a relative ton of money, but not quite as much as hoped for, leading some to question whether the event comic is dead and whether Marvel’s strategy in that arena is sound, even though it makes a relative ton of money.

    DC will launch another new ongoing Superman book.

    Dynamite and BOOM! move to the “front” of the Previews catalog.

  • aj says:

    1) Grant Morrison will be revealed for the acid tripping megalomaniac he truly is.
    2) corollary to the above, Morrison books will drop in value and regard when he flashes crowds at ComiCon panels, convinced that like Batman, he needs “world-wide exposure”
    3) Xmen comics will become a convoluted, confusing, self referencing mess that…well. um. nix that that one. thanks.
    4) Although the ramp up to digital has begun, most companies still won’t be able to see past the iPad, and the expense of that device will prevent any meaningful adoption of digital/mobile comics distribution. In a misguided conception that the willingness to pay iPad prices extends to everything else, publishers will assume they can set any price they want. (relates only to digital distribution)
    5) Price wars between publishers will calm down, settle at 2.99 and 3.99, and everyone will still complain about it. (justly so)
    6) JLA will be cancelled, lacking editorial directives that can make a cohesive book.
    7)BOOM Studios will have their reach exceed their grasp, licensing things that they can’t really support in the market. (this will be disappointing to me)
    8) Walking Dead will have season two, and rabid fans will boycott it.
    9)Robert Kirkman finally goes bat-sh#$ loco, buys out all the other Image partners, renames it Kirkman’s Image Comics, and ban any creator from working on any book anyone else has ever done before.
    10) http://www.themeangeek.com will gain precisely 1 listener, raising comics awareness to three whole people.

  • Thwacko says:

    1)At least one major publisher (though not necessarilly one of the “big two”) will start digital only releases on some (or maybe all) titles.
    2)One of the second or third tier publishers will go out of business or be bought out by a bigger publisher.
    3)The return of licensed character titles to the big two.

  • Thelonious_Nick says:

    1) DC’s new pricing policy (and Marvel’s unwillingness to really match it) will put it within spitting distance of #1 company by volume.

    2) Marvel’s Fear Itself event will generate interest at first but fizzle out when it doesn’t offer anything new and all tie-ins are $3.99 or $4.99.

    3) The Cap and Green Lantern movies will do well at the box office without translating into any significant sales bump for their respective comic franchises. Thor’s Asgardian setting won’t translate well to the big screen and will be critically shunned and poorly attended.

    4) Marvel will continue to dick around with Dr. Strange in the pages of the Avengers and fail for yet another year to give him his own ongoing title. Pissed off Strangefans will hex Marvel by the powers of the Vishanti and the company will end the year in flames, literally.

  • buzz says:

    Sudden & dramatic collapse of brick & mortar stores, both mainstream & speciality shops (such as comic book shops). Existing stores that survive will do so by either offering services to readers (such as B&N allowing one to browse through any e-book they offer while in their store, thus encouraging people to buy a Nook & regularly visit the B&N coffee shop; or in the case of comic book/pop culture stores to offer gaming, etc.).

  • buzz says:

    Meant to add, the collapse will be due to readers, particularly students, shifting over to iPads, Kindles, & other e-readers.

  • Ian @ TRO says:

    More Omnibi.

    More Vertigo characters in DCU.

    Hopfully more than one Milestone character gets an ongoing (IE, in addition to Xombi mini)

    Marvel will have some events.

  • De says:

    I have a sneaky suspicion that Dark Horse, of all companies, will revolutionize the digital comics arena. The comiXology model will remain the same for DC, Marvel, Image, and the rest for now.

    The summer superhero movies will perform well enough but not fantastically, causing studios to mine more past properties in hopes of making a quick buck (get ready for the Strawberry Shortcake movie in 2012!).

    Marvel and DC will stop producing direct-to-video films as the public grows tired of the superhero genre.

    The recently announced Carl Barks collections by Fantagraphics will receive public attention on the Today Show via Al Roker and become selections in Oprah’s Book Club. The widespread exposure of clever humor and commentary by 50-year old Donald Duck comics create a nationwide movement of crazy alternative-energy initiatives and treasure hunting.

  • googum says:

    Honestly? I reckon 2011 is just going to trundle along, without any monumental success (a new direct market comic breaks a million in sales or downloads first week) or colossal failures (DM collapses, Marvel or DC cancel 75% of their line) and be mostly more of the same. The water isn’t quite hot enough to boil that frog, but he hasn’t hopped out, either.

    Marvel will have a mild uptick in trade sales for Thor and Captain America; but they’d have to, after flooding the market. Green Lantern may have a harder climb for that: imagine a mythical ‘new reader’ bounding out of the GL movie and into, say, Blackest Night. No.

    And even though it’s become obvious Comic-Con applause doesn’t translate directly into box office numbers, no one changes their behavior in the slightest. Well, you don’t have to be Karnak for that one…

  • Andres says:

    DC’s $2.99 price point won’t hold. People will start predicting digital comics are just a fad (this is after sales die down like they have been for digital magazines).

  • Tom A says:

    Jack of Hearts is brought back to life and takes his rightful place among Marvel’s heavy hitters (2 series by end of year) Now to push for Stingray in 2012.

  • Matt Jeske says:

    My predictions for 2011, The Green Lantern movie will be critically panned, but commercially successful.

    The Superman books will reintroduce elements from the new krypton storylines.

    The Beat blog will return to be as interesting to read as it used to be.

  • Frowny says:

    1) At some point Grant Morrison will be done with Batman and then there will be incredibly ham handed attempts to return the character to the status quo in time for the new film.

    2) For some stupid reason, Steve Rogers will be back in the Captain America costume in time for the new film.

  • Employee Aaron says:

    Doom and gloom predictions! Right before Skynet is activated and we all die in a fiery jamboree the $2.99 price point will be eradicated and all comics will cost $3.99 and up. On the brighter side i foresee more original graphic novel releases this year! Also I’ve been wondering how many different Batmen will we have in the Dcu.

  • Wayne Allen Sallee says:

    Mike, I know next to nothing about digital comics, but my guess is that Dark Horse or possibly Dynamite will move to that arena. I also predict that, given the storyline of Superman: Earth-One, that specific world will be DC’s Earth-1990s. (Not being snarky, I honestly believe that each Earth-One GN will be terrible.)

  • Marvel will go back to the MARVEL ZOMBIES pool one more time, this time utilizing Disney’s animatronic special effects wizardry for a live-action amusement park thrill ride (because ‘teh kidz’ just love rotting corpse versions of their favorite heroes).

    Due to a short-circuit in the Howard the Duck robot, it will gain sentience, follow its programming (that is is a reanimated zombie duck-corpse) and run amok in Disneyland spreading the contagion country-wide.

    The situation will become bleak as the entire country is infected, and the corpses of the deceased are brought back to life via this “Disney black-magic”.

    Until, finally, the body of the late-great Steve Gerber is reanimated and, upon claiming that the rights to Howard are rightfully his, is able to cause a cease and desist by Disney legal (which are so powerful that they transcend the laws of physical reality and act as a magic spell – empowered by Satan (or Walt Disney himself…either/or) – and with Howard the Duck (who started the whole contagion) removed from play, the entire zombie-curse is lifted.

    Of course, Animatronic Abraham Lincoln will not totally deactivate – so that 2012 will have a sequel.

    This WILL happen!

    “Tamam Shud!”

  • Oh… here’s a serious one…

    Mike Sterling will email me to tell me how much I owe him for the variant editions he obtained for me.

    Right Mikester?



  • philip says:

    The gap between print and digital will continue to shrink, making more new books available sooner in digital format.

    We’ll see the end of “events” for a while and a return to good, long-form storytelling (okay, that’s really a “hope” more than a prediction and though it is unlikely, please just let me have this).

    There will be just enough new work from Los Bros Hernandez to make me wish there was more new work from them.

    DC will still not know what to do with Wonder Woman.

  • Ben says:

    DC will guerrilla market a one-shot via leaked uncolored pages, wherein Swamp Thing returns to the main DCU, but he is wearing tights and is traveling across America with his perky goth girlfriend Death. The comics intarwebs will collapse upon itself in an orgasm of hate.

    Then it will turn out to written by Grant Morrison and Warren Ellis over a weekend trapped at an airport hotel. It will be the single most awesome thing all year, but will fail to cover the authors’ expenses on alcohol.

  • Dan Wars says:

    By the end of 2011, the original Fantastic Four will be reunited. Duh!

  • Greg Merritt says:

    Gin Genie will make her long-awaited return to the Marvel Universe.

  • Greg Merritt says:

    And then team up with Iron Man.

  • Mr. A says:

    Without Dirk Deppey’s daily links roundup, traffic to TCJ.com will crash by at least 90%.

  • Gordon says:

    Smaller, more independent press comics focusing on non-superhero fare will begin to become more prevalent and receive more press, since superhero comics will be seen more as “movies-in-the-making”.

    The trend towards “graphic novels” made specifically to be turned into other media (30 Days of Night, anyone?) will increase, with a plethora of celebrity-driven “vanity projects” arising (one example – Ron Jeremy’s CAPTAIN HEDGEHOG)

    The repeated use of ironic quotation marks, “…, anyone” and “meh” will gradually fade, as more articulate comics/pop culture aficionados emerge online, thereby causing nerd critical sites (and Mike Sterling’s Empire 4.0 tumbler thingie) to disappear.

    Next franchise for DC to exploit: Joel Schumaker’s SWAMP THING. (Sorry, Mike)

    Dan DiDio and Brian Bendis will both wrestle a bear at a convention…and lose.

    Finally, Mike Sterling will still be seen as the greatest comics blogger in the multiverse.

  • Bret says:

    All government will be replaced by Thunderdome.

    Superman will decide to walk around the world after walking across America. He will spend the majority of his time mocking the less fortunate and spitting in their faces.

    There will be a public apology for the commercial failure of Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Whether it will be the public writing a letter to Edgar Wright, or Edgar Wright and Micheal Cera releasing one of those hostage videos at gunpoint apologizing to Universal for under-performing is unclear at this time.

    Also, the new Dr. Who will be good.

    But really, most people will only notice the Thunderdome thing.

  • Al Ewing says:

    Quick predictions – Steel is NOT going to die, but John Stewart is. There’ll be a funeral issue where the other Green Lanterns agree that he was the most soldierly, like a true soldier, and his past as an architect – wimp of the professions – will be erased once and for all. Probably he’ll be back as a Red Lantern within the year, blowing away some dudes with a sniper rifle.

    Some comics will be sold for $4.99, but only if they have really amazing pinups at the back.

    Vertigo will die off. Archie Comics will do a series where Archie goes to Heaven and also Hell, in a format similar to the Betty/Veronica marriage. Reggie will be revealed as a Satan.

    A Drunken Bakers movie will be announced, directed by Lars Von Trier and starring Ken Stott and Paddy Considine.

    They’ll reprint all Hugga Bunch comics in a big absolute edition hardback costing $299.99 including free hug.

  • demoncat says:

    Marvel will have Mickey and co visit their universe. 2 Marvel will give the x-men a break with cross overs. right after they have jean grey come back from the dead as dark phoenix one more time and wreck havoc. marvel will finaly bring scarlet witch back in the avengers fold sane. dc not only will kick marvels butt sales wise digitaly but will have Oracle back walking around . the death of barbara a fake out to restore her walking. dc will also have swamp thing return in his own title and Mattel will give him his own dc classic wave. wave 25

  • Decker says:

    Joaquin Phoenix will be hired to write a high-profile book, while ten genre-breaking, critically-acclaimed books will be canceled.

    Ryan Reynold’s Green Lantern media blitz will receive a second wind in time for dvd sales when John Boehner is caught in a Sassy Larfleeze costume during a fundraiser.

    Somebody will create something moving that sends me back to the comic shop looking for another fix.

  • SUBZERO says:

    Marvel will continue f – word – ing up Spider – Man by telling the story that was SUPPOSED to be told in BRAND NEW DAY. And, yes, this will make things even more confusing and contradict all stories before it. Deal with it. Additionally Marvel will go from one big mega – crossover to two every year. And the price for singel issues will go up to 4.99 now including 20 extra pages from the New York City phonebook – collect them all.

    DC will kill of another big character then bring him back – before the end of the storyarc – only to kill him a second time. Now for real…yeah, right. At least they don´t f – word up the GREEN LANTERN movie. At least the original Batsymbol will stay awhile.

    Savage Dragon will still be one of the best superhero comics and still be ignored by most comic readers. Who will keep buying the big two megacrossovers instead – while bitching about it. Same thing with Invincible and other good independent books.

    All the people who claimed none of the CrossGen books were any good after the company went bankrupt will be bitching that they aren´t as good now that Marvel does them. They will still buy them.

  • Bully says:

    • A comic book starring a water-skiing, flame-thrower wielding cat will becomes a surprise cult hit.

    • At least one comic book will be published on lunch meat. At least one.

    • One major DC or Marvel superhero character will be changed into a woman. Not replaced by a female version. Changed into a woman.

    • The Captain America or Thor movie will provide an easter egg which suggests a Marvel heroic character not even hinted at previously in movies or casting news will be in “The Avengers.” And that character will be Rocket Raccoon.

  • Mikey Wayne says:

    In the next big cosmic event for DC, the Spectre will be taken down first.

  • Michael Grabowski says:

    I predict that Marvel will publish an entire Spider-Man comic story in a digital format only. No print version of that story will be announced or made available, at least not in 2011.

  • Adam Horovitz says:

    Personally, I’m holding out for the return of ‘Mazing Man in a new Seinfeld/Swamp Thing crossover comic…

  • Hulk Finn says:

    Someone’s gonna die by the end of Fear Itself. I say Cyclops. He seems to be a prominent figure in the whole She bang.

  • Jeff R. says:

    Secret Six won’t last through more than half of 2011. However, we’ll get a new Suicide Squad monthly immediately after the cancellation.

    Hellblazer will get it’s final regular writer in 2011, starting a 15-20 issue arc that leads into the final issue, #300 in ’12. There will be a few more Constantine miniseries during the two years, moved out of the main book because there aren’t any numbers available for them.

    Miracleman will be republished, and, in the case of book 2, completely redrawn from Moore’s original scripts. Marvel and Gaiman will try to get Rick Veitch to do that art job, but probably won’t manage to talk him into it.

    Wednesday Comics II will start in the summer.

  • MaxGRobinson says:

    *Marvel’s going to bring back Doctor Strange in a big way. Whether it’s a new ongoing or a big role in something like Fear Itself I dunno.

    *The last of DC’s Red Circle titles comes to an end. (unless that’s happened already?)

    New Aquaman on-going spins out of Brightest Day.

    New Power Man and Iron Fist mini sparks a new ongoing (wishful thinking on my part)

  • Andrew Leal says:

    This is sort of a combination of recent observation and a mild prediction. I’d noticed a few months ago that Toys R Us has been stocking comics by the checkout: Boom’s Disney titles, Tiny Titans (yay!), Archie, the Marvel Spider-Man magazine, and suchlike. I was in the other day and noticed a major reorganization (either in December or immediately afterwards) resulted in a small book rack as well, near the action figures, most of whom after all *are* from comic book superheroes or cartoons. I think I saw some Simpsons titles too, plus of course the Archie digests which are always safe, but nothing that would scare parents. Right there, easily accessible, with some DVDs of “Superfriends” and the like above for further recognition value, and even next to the price scanner. Ever since comics vanished from drugstores and supermarkets (and it was a slow death), it’s been harder in many places to simply *buy* the comics you want, and especially harder for kids. I was fortunate in that when I was a real youngster, I could browse at a Revco or Walgreens and usually count on my Dad buying me a Walt Disney Comics & Stories or save my cents to buy the latest bizarre but appealing Archie spin-off (Jughead’s Pal Hot Dog!) and later there was a grocery store in walking distance. Then it just dried up, and Barnes & Noble in El Paso for a long time limited themselves to hardbacks and trade collections (and even now, they carry a lot of stuff like Buffy and tons of Marvel/DCs, but no Boom titles, not even the Muppets).

    So I predict, as stores are wanting to take advantage of “impulse buy” purchases again (and though the prices are higher than in my day, it’s still easier to casually pick up than with the high-end book copies), this may become a minor trend, though gradually. I expect Target to be the next to pick it up. Several Target stars are already laid out with the books and magazine rack sandwiched between the game/DVD sections and the toys, so it makes perfect sense for kids to be able to see shiny comics, and not just, you know, muscle mags or bridal and political magazines and all that.

    Secondary prediction: Another long-running serial soap strip which most folks were only vaguely aware existed will die within the year (after Annie and Brenda Starr, my own money is on Judge Parker or Rex Morgan; Mary Worth actually still has enough of a following, and Mark Trail remains too awesome on its own terms). Also possibly another “humor” strip but that may be wishful thinking (Mike Peters’ brain has exploded; Mother Goose and Grimm is just bonkers, and not even in a fascinating way, but in a “the cartoonist needs medication” way).

  • Andrew Leal says:

    Err, Target stores rather than stars (I’m having flashbacks to Brad Paisley and Kermit the Frog doing Target ads):

  • Joe Schwind says:

    50,000 year-old Religious Extremist/Free Expressionist Conflict doesn’t end.
    Collisions between aging comic book artists and economic reality continue.
    Comic fans acknowledge the environmental impact of books outsourced to China, publishers remain oblivious.

  • Ray says:

    The Tin-tin movie will not be a commercial hit. The Tin-tin movie videogame, however, will be great.

  • Mister Bile says:

    Michael J. Strazinski is hired to “redefine” yet another main comics character. (Although the results won’t become clear until a year later, everyone agrees that the results “Aren’t all that bad, all things considered.”)

    The Speed Force is revealed to be the true mastermind behind an industry-wide crossover event.

    A lot of ex-Vertigo people end up at Marvel’s Icon line, looking dazed and confused.

    Hawkman is rebooted.

    The next Spider-Man game will disappoint.

  • MichaelFromJamaicaNY says:

    I predict this Halloween will be extra freaky deaky, what with all the Thor family, and the grown women dressed as the 14 year old from True Grit, and the latex clad Trons, and the Black Swans, and the Tron Swans.
    Freaky. Deaky.

  • Steven E. McDonald says:

    Marvel finally caves in to the falling sales and ongoing hate and retcons the Spider-Marriage retcon, eliminating Carlie Cooper and fomenting the creation of the Carlie Cadre who boycott the revised book and spew venom at Marvel over this destruction of their Mary Sue. Joe Quesada threatens to write another arc, Steve Wacker makes snarky remarks about readers, and Dan Slott takes up residence on a monastery.

    Meanwhile Mark Millar releases a YouTube video of himself shaving his scrotum with a rusty razor. Nobody is able to figure out why.

    Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark finally opens, having replaced its entire cast and stunt crew and doubled its cost in medical costs and disability payments. Bono, struck by several F-sharps, is reported to be recovering nicely. The Edge, unfortunately, is a bit more problematic, due to an truly unfortunate circumstance that left him with his guitar FX equipment embedded in his body and a bunch of cables protruding out and acting like live, deadly tentacles.

    Swamp Thing will make his long-awaited return to the DCU. Shortly thereafter, whatever book he arrived in will be canceled.

    We’ll see more original graphic novels, often set up like European albums. While DC will lead this trend in the Big Two, smaller publishers will expand upon the offerings they already have, with the result that Top Shelf will improve market share very nicely.

    Some idiot will once again piss off half of the comics market by making a snide or stupid remark about how girls don’t like comics. This will spiral into a tornado of invective that somehow sucks in racism, sexism, genderism, classism, ism-ism, and Rocky The Flying Squirrel. Like Battlestar Galactica, all o this has happened before, and all of this will happen again.

    Speaking of squirrels…Squirrel Girl will be the next big push. Not only will she get her own ongoing title and team membership in the Avengers, but a team-up book, and, in an attempt to broaden the market, a MAX romance book in which we’re treated to the erotic adventures of Squirrel Girl — just wait until you see what she can do with that tail!

    Fox will greenlight a new Fantastic Four movie, and then cancel it a day later. A month later it will leak that the reason for this was that Disney started negotiations for the return of the rights, with a substantial payoff to Fox, who stand to gain from not actually making the movie.

    Every single superhero series on TV and cable will implode, probably taking The Big Bang Theory down along the way. The exception will be Misfits, the channel 4 drama in England, which will shoot its third season, and then implode.

    Marvel will announce solid plans for movies for Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Doctor Strange. A junior producer will have the bright idea of doing a Kickers, Inc. movie. The following year his body will be found stuffed into a closet, hidden there after Kevin Feige shot him.

    DC will announce a new one-year event called Sunny Afternoon, which will lead into 2012’s Purple Twilight, where vampires infest the DCU, whih leads to 2013’s Midnight Crisis wherein the DCU is rererebooted, manly to sort out that pesky Batman Inc. stuff.

    During a DC panel at Comic-Con, during a convoluted explanation of his multiverse series, Grant Morrison begins to glow with an unearthly light, following this by ascending. Not dying. He simply becomes a Cosmic Consciousness on the spot. As can be imagined, this seriously complicates matters on a number of fronts.

    Geoff Johns, attempting to emulate Morrison, suddenly turns into J.R. “Bob” Dobbs, complete with pipe and jacket.

    Rob Liefeld, attempting the same feat, turns into a five foot ten inch tall pouch with a pair of little pointy feet.

  • Darius Smith says:

    All periodical comic books will cease publishing in 2011!

  • londonKdS says:

    Prediction I’ve been privately making for several years now: there will be a major controversy over some female Marvel/DC creator being caught doing erotic fanfic/fanart as a private commission or under a secret fan identity. Sexist fanboys will leap on this as what they wrongly think is a demonstration of the hypocrisy of feminist fangirls who attack oversexualisation in official canon, while the publisher involved will initially take harsh action against the person until people critique their hypocrisy given the tolerance of well-known male creators quietly doing erotic commissioned art of corporate-owned characters.

  • John Parker says:

    Johnny Storm will die and sometime in the future will become either the original Human Torch or Dormammu due to some time warping bedevilment.

    If Johnny Storm has a girlfriend or is married (sorry,I don’t follow the book) then there’s a baby on the way !

    Mike will post Swamp Thing pages in Portuguese.

    Doctor Who will be great, stetson or no, and everyone will say Gaiman’s episode is the best of the series even if it isn’t.

  • Bill says:

    After a falling out between Alan Moore and Top Shelf, Moore will announce that all his future comics projects will appear with Archie Comics.

    Another issue of All Star Batman and Robin will appear. Batman punches God.

    A new creator will take over Wonder Woman with great fanfare, and take the character in a new direction that will last for five issues, then be forgotten and never referred to again.

    A J. H. Williams drawn issue of Batwoman will appear late.

  • Jerry Smith says:

    For 2011:

    – DC will actually hold to a mostly $2.99 price point, as they have vowed to do.
    – Marvel will not.
    – The Green Lantern movie will be a huge hit.
    – Thor will not (but it will make its money back).
    – Marvel will just go for it and announce that all of their characters, supporting characters and the Pet Avengers are gay.
    – The Legion of Super-Heroes will be cancelled and relaunched with a new #1.
    – A new comics reading app will be created that will become the perfect way to read comics on a mobile device. It will soon fail and whatever Microsoft hacks out will replace it.

  • Ragnell says:

    Steve Rogers back as Captain America, Bucky Barnes back in Winter Soldier gear before the movie comes out. That’s really the only thing I’m sure will happen.

    Well, that and there will be another incredibly sexist statement by an industry professional that will get a backlash.

    And DC will do another stupid thing that minimizes their female and/or minority characters, and Sattler will be trotted out to say something stupid as a defense again.

  • Hulk Finn says:

    One more:

    Racists will be in even more of an uproar when they learn that “Random Background Norse # 7” will be played by an Asian.

  • John Parker says:

    John Parker

    January 4, 2011 at 4:55 AM

    Johnny Storm will die and sometime in the future will become either the original Human Torch or Dormammu due to some time warping bedevilment.

    If Johnny Storm has a girlfriend or is married (sorry,I don’t follow the book) then there’s a baby on the way !

    Mike will post Swamp Thing pages in Portuguese.

    Doctor Who will be great, stetson or no, and everyone will say Gaiman’s episode is the best of the series even if it isn’t.

    My Swamp Thing prediction came true at last !!