This post is about Batman and Superman.

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From the “Daily Planet” news page in January 1980 DC Comics comes this story with a headline that’s hard to beat:

It’s been a while since Superman’s been described as the “Krypton Comet,” hasn’t it? Though apparently it is the name of some amusement park rides.

I’m going to have to check the back issue shelves at the shop and see if we have a copy of this, even if the actual comic has a lot to live up to. So sucking Kryptonian blood would make Dracula “invulnerable to wooden stakes?” Aim high, Drac! Though admittedly, that would be a priority for Dracula, I suppose.

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Meanwhile, at Yahoo Answers:

The “best answer” is supposedly

“read the killing joke,it will explain why there are so much alike in different aspects.”

But I think we all agree the real best answer is

“What do you mean? Batman defeated the Joker. Jack was splat in the first one…”
=) ‘Wait ’till they get a load of me.’-Joker”

And the Joker was never seen again. The end. (Well, except for that other Batman movie. And the cartoon. And the video games….oh, and the comics, too, but surely those don’t hold the influence over the franchise the way the Tim Burton adaptation does.)

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