And then there was that time when Infinity Inc.’s Hourman totally insulted Swamp Thing.

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“Dude, didn’t see you standing there. Oh, you did hear that. Wow, that’s some good hearing you got there. But, no, really, the swamp’s great. Looks really…nice. Like what you’ve done with the place. Honest. …So, um, how y’doin’? …C’mon, Jade, help me out here.

“No way…you’re on your own.”

“Gee, thanks.”

from Infinity Inc. #46 (Jan 1988) by Roy Thomas, Vince Argondezzi & Tony DeZuniga

9 Responses to “And then there was that time when Infinity Inc.’s Hourman totally insulted Swamp Thing.”

  • Rich Handley says:

    I always enjoy a good Swamp Thing scene. Keep ’em comin’!

  • If they had just stayed on Earth 2 where they belonged, this never would have happened.

  • Those tug-at-the-emotional-heartstring type of endings always get to me for semi-mute, emotionally/physically challenged creature-characters.

    The ending of Man-Thing v2 # 1 always makes me tear up a little.

    The caption box reading (to paraphrase):

    “Are those tears trickling down your face, monster? Tears for the good man who lies dead in your arms? Tears for the life that might have been, now vanished in the smoke of the raging inferno? No. Monsters can’t cry. Must be the moisture from the swamp.”

    As Man-Thing walks off into the sunset of the swamp.
    Damn near makes me cry every time.


  • Moonrock says:

    Oh late-era Infinity Inc., how you mock me!

  • I love the late-era Infinity Incs, trying as only Roy Thomas could to smooth over the rough edges created by merging Earths-1 and -2.

  • Oh, my big chance to draw Swamp Thing and I get him in one small panel at the end of a 27(I think) page story. Thanks Roy!!!

    Oh wait…it is a 27 page story. I see the “27” at the bottom of the page…(Too busy looking at Jade)


  • BTW, if I may, everybody who wants can email comicaone with opinions on the NextMan website.(Even “Armagideon Time”…Man I still can’t sit down!!!I can’t help it that they pulled the inker on Next Man #2 and 4!!Tell him to look at issues 1, 3 and 5!! Colonoscopy, indeed!!Hmmmph!!)

    Happy Crimble Everybody,


  • If it’s any consolation, Vince, I really loved Infinity Inc. back in the day.

  • Andrew,

    I have five options:

    1.Be happy that what seems to me now to be a sharp, intelligent critic, likes some of my more recent work (my Infinity Inc stuff came after Next Man)

    2. Keep emphasizing that Next Man and sometimes even Comico (which I co-founded, then left…) suffered from some production problems and creative quirks (all in the interest of trying to be a little different, I can assure you..)

    3. Start harping about my medical and commercial art, and start yapping about my new comic projects…

    4.Apologize for complaining about critics being critical

    5. All of the above

    I choose # 5.

    Unfortunately, I probably put you all to sleep by now.