I refrained from making the Def Leppard joke.

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So I was looking through some of Bob Rozakis’s “Answer Man” columns, which ran through DC’s comic books in the ’70s and a wee bit into the ’80s, and this particular question caught my eye:

Well, eventually both things come to pass…there have been several Human Target comics in the years since, and there have been not one, but two TV series. I was amused that the answer to this specific question was so exactly negated.

Some other Answer Man questions and responses I came across:

The joke here is too easy:

Frankly, I’m not even sure this question needed to be asked. It’s all right there, man:

(In case you were wondering.)

I didn’t even remember this, but of course Mark Waid didn’t forget…that man forgets nothing:

I will die if they bring it back 1) in current continuity (“Hey, technically I’m not flying across the country…I’m cruising comfortably“), or 2) it pops up on Smallville, where it would probably just be a Ford Festiva painted red ‘n’ blue:

And then there’s this:

“You’ve menaced the world with your secular humanism for the last time, Luthor!”

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