And now, a chain of logical connections Bruce (Batman) Wayne hasn’t had to make of late.

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from Batman #33 (Feb-Mar 1946)

7 Responses to “And now, a chain of logical connections Bruce (Batman) Wayne hasn’t had to make of late.”

  • bigmountain says:

    It’s true. “Swingland” on the Main Stem is where all the hep-cats hang out. But then, everyone knows that.

  • I never knew people wore horseshoes for luck, I just thought they hung them above a door.

  • damanoid says:

    “Hmmm… main stem… tree trunk… bole… The Gotham Bowl-A-Rama!”

    “Bruce, you’re scaring me. Don’t you think you should see a doctor about your weird, increasingly boxlike skull?”

    “Of course! Doctor… stitches… pins and needles… bowling pins! The Gotham Bowl-A-Rama! Zoot suit… jive talk! Dance!”

  • phantasm says:

    damanoid has teamed with Mike to make my day.

  • Andres says:

    Robin then calls in Superman to solve the mystery while Batman continues to make stream-of-thought connections.

  • Crowded House says:

    To be fair, he had just come back from an adventure with Metamorpho, so of course he’s thinking about the hep cats with their jive talk making the scene with the hoochie-coochie ladies and goofy-footing hotdoggers. And you know Bruce Wayne ain’t gonna be mistaken for no square, daddy-o!

  • Bill Shriveled Finger says:

    Who is that trying to punch Bruce’s milk carton head in the circular panel? Is it the Jackal? Is it a zoot suiter? A jockey looking for those horseshoes?

    It cannot be Bruce Wayne’s own hand, because the artist clearly establishes in the previous panel that Martha Wayne took double doses of thalidomide while pregnant.

    “My flipper-like hands… small! Withered and useless! Undersized… like a bat’s! That’s it! I will become the Bat-Man!”