“The many heads awe me not…”

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These Joe Gill & Sam Glanzman 1960s Hercules comics are something else. I’m not overly familiar with this comic, aside from repeatedly seeing its covers at the shop, but it looks like the series is mostly played straight, with the very occasional bit of seemingly uncharacteristic dialogue:

Though, to be fair, I’d probably exclaim…well, okay, apparently calmly proclaim…”oh golly” under those circumstances, too.

The…shall we say, informal presentation of the sound effects are kind of charming:

I like how the sound effects just sort of fill up all their allotted space in that first panel, there.

Man, now that’s action:

“Zillcch” is a terrible representation of the sound that is made when a sword is plunged into a giant crab by a demigod. And I should know. Okay, how ‘about “THUNK–thwiSSSSSHHH” — hitting the shell, then piercing it and sliding in, you see.

Also, never forget the hydra. I realize a giant monster with multiple heads would be pretty easy to forget, but c’mon, focus here, people.

from Hercules #10 (1978) by Joe Gill & Sam Glanzman – reprinted from Hercules #10 (1968)

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