I am very, very sorry for the last link in this post.

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  • INTERESTING TIMES CONTINUE: The week after DC Comics imprints Wildstorm and Zuda were canned, Bob Harras, former editor-in-chief at Marvel Comics, was named editor-in-chief at DC.

    This got some internet pals of mine talking about the Spider-Man Clone Saga, which ran, at least partially, under his watch. My contention was that the Clone Saga, while running way too long, and dealt a nearly-fatal blow to the Spider-Man franchise with the revelation that the Spider-Man we’d been reading for the last couple of decades was, in fact, the presumed-dead clone Spider-Man, started out as a good thing. Sales were strong, readers were interested in the story…it wasn’t the greatest story in the world, no, but it kept people’s attention and entertained them, at least until that particular goose was killed for its golden eggs. And until that saturation point was reached, as a person who was slingin’ funnybooks at the time this storyline was running, I can guarantee you that I was selling plenty of the Clone Saga comics to people who were into the story, and not just buying for investment. You can usually tell the difference.

    And, to this very day, I still have kids looking for and buying Clone Saga back issues (and anything involving Venom and/or Carnage). Far more kids, in fact, than are buying the currently-published Spider-Man comics. Or the currently-published Marvel anything. And I can see the appeal…lots of action, lots of villains, lots of just plain’ ol’ things happening in every issue. Frankly, whatever comics excite kids and get them interested in comics, I’m grateful for.

    So, there you go. I’m the guy defending the Clone Saga. …And All-Star Batman and Robin. And The Spirit movie. I deserve some kind of medal (“BIGGEST CHUMP, 2010”).

  • From a ’90s flashback to an ’80s one: a little bit about comics coloring from Comico Comics.
  • And speaking of internet pal Andrew: here’s his latest Nobody’s Favorites entry, featuring a character that, even at the time it was published, had my customers going “what…really?”
  • Reader De, in the comments to yesterday’s post, suggested the site Comic Book Cartography, given my recent fascination with comic book maps. There are maps aplenty at this site, as well as other cutaways and diagrams and, thankfully, I didn’t duplicate any of this person’s posts with my recent entries. Anyway, go check it out…lots of good images from funnybooks of days gone by.
  • Adam Koford, the fella what does Laugh-Out-Loud Cats, recently uploaded some of his Disney Interactive Toy Story designs, and they’re adorable.
  • Longtime internet chum Mr. Dan Kelly gives me the beauty of a giant Luke Cage wall poster. Find more here.
  • Oh, dear: Hipster Hitler webcomics. Funnier than it has any reason to be. I double-dare you to wear the shirts from the strip’s store.
  • THIS IS TERRIBLE: here’s an auction I found for a JonBenet Ramsey black velvet painting. Nothing to do with comics, I realize, but good gravy, why would…how could…I…what? The description raises more questions than it answers.

9 Responses to “I am very, very sorry for the last link in this post.”

  • De says:

    I’m curious to know why anyone would commission a painting of JonBenet Ramsey, but it’s probably best that I not know the reason. I’m already getting images of Buffalo Bill in my head and I want them out now!

  • m4 says:

    Bob Harras is History’s Greatest Monster!

  • Sleestak says:

    The Jon Benet paintings are a trap. What you want to bet that the police monitor whoever buys one and checks into their background? Sick people often “run it in” later or take trophies and the painting may be to much to resist. Or i read too many comic books.

  • Plastic Soul says:

    ‘ No questions or answers have been posted about this item.’

    Probably for the best.

  • Employee Aaron says:

    I <3 Juice!

  • Batfatty says:

    Thank you for the Hipster Hitler link. They’re like roaches here. They seem to magically multiply without ever breeding….

  • bl00 says:

    even better – did you see the black velvet paint of Joe The Plumber -Media Martyr?

  • I thouroughly enjoyed the Scarlet Spider as a young child. He was awesome.

  • Phill says:

    Those Marvel AllPosters selections are… odd. Some great covers and panels, but I can think of piles of awesome ones that aren’t available. Luckily for them, I guess, I’m not really prepared to bootleg my own wall-sized Ditko Spider-Man splash page. But man, I really wanna.