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  • Ordered mere days ago and here they are, in my hot little hands…Lydia and She Died in Terrebonne #2, two exciting comics from Kevin Church and his super-pals (Max Riffner on the former, T.J. Kirsch on the latter) over at Agreeable Comics. Both are very handsome looking publications, and the contents ain’t half-bad either.
  • Also received this week was Awesome Hospital #1, collecting the strip’s first storyline by Chris Sims, Chad Bowers, Matt Digges, and Josh Krach. The print edition is apparently not currently available from sale, due to that initial print run selling out…but fortunately Mr. Digges happened by the shop and gifted me with a copy. It’s great stuff, so, if you don’t have yours, hound Sims ’til he goes back to press on it. He’ll like that.
  • Man, all these webcomics going to the print format…it’s the new hot trend, baby! Clearly the digital comics format is on its way out.

  • Bully the Little Stuffed Bull What Likes to Talk about The Comics explains Hydra to you, in the most fantastic way possible.
  • So Archie Comics introduced a new character into their books that also happens to be gay, and that introductory story…is actually pretty good! Pal Dorian tells you all about it.

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