Another stunning conclusion from Tales of the Ironic Marquee.

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Okay, maybe that’s really more “descriptive” than “ironic,” but it’s all about the marketing, man.

8 Responses to “Another stunning conclusion from Tales of the Ironic Marquee.”

  • But they know his name, so will his grave really be nameless?

  • Jonga says:

    Geeze, that second cop doesn’t wait for a trial for facts, does he?

  • It’s ironic because Les Dunn was also a kill-crazy maniac who who tried to murder his way to stardom and succeeded.

  • ExistentialMan says:

    “Murder his way to stardom?” Really? Infamy maybe, but stardom, not so much.

    Famous Hollywood director (on the phone): “Sure, Burke. Just murder your way out to Tinseltown and I’ll make you a STAR!”

    Burke: “Hey it worked for Les, so count me in!”

  • Rich Handley says:

    How DOES one murder their way to stardom, anyway? “Damnit! I’ve killed 47 people already, and STILL I haven’t gotten an Oscar! I’ve HAD it with this town! If I don’t get my name on a marquee next to Les Dunn’s within four more murders, it’s back to the bright-yellow-car-interior factory I go!”

  • Bully says:

    That poor grave, never had a name.

  • Gary Dunaier says:

    I would never hire somebody called “Les Dunn.”

    I’d hire his brother, Moore Dunn.

  • dontquakenaked says:

    I see “Final Justice,” all I can think about is that awful Joe Don Baker movie that the guys at MST3K so gleefully skewered. The main characters name was Thomas Jefferson Geronimo III. I wish I were making that up.