It’s probably going to be Geoff Johns and…I don’t know, Ed Benes, maybe.

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From Yahoo Answers:

1. Yes, there should be another Swamp Thing comic.

2. I should write it. Or maybe Jim Woodring.

3. Jim Woodring should also draw it. C’mon, you know that’d be awesome. (Though I kinda like the Juan Jose Ryp idea…he’d be an interesting choice.)


13 Responses to “It’s probably going to be Geoff Johns and…I don’t know, Ed Benes, maybe.”

  • philip says:

    If you wrote it and Jim Woodring drew it, I would buy three copies of every issue just on principle.

  • No, there should not be another Swamp Thing comic.

    They should make more than one.

  • buzz says:

    Oh please please please please PLEASE somebody at DC/Time-Warner be reading this!

  • Chris K says:

    In the 90s Jim Woodring wrote a Jabba the Hutt miniseries for Dark Horse. I couldn’t bring myself to buy it at the time, but picked them up a year or two later for a buck each.

    Woodring’s voice came through surprisingly well, with witty dialogue and black humor, but the art was pretty abysmal and dragged the whole thing down. The book would have been AMAZING looking if Woodring had drawn it too and gone to town with the grotesqueries he suggested in the script. But if he had drawn it I think I would have just got depressed that he had spent time away from drawing Frank/ Jim for a Star Wars book. For a buck each, it was a pretty good buy…

    One of the covers – to bring it back to Swamp Thing – was by Steve Bissette, and it was dynamite. He would have been another great artist for the book. Again, though, I would have just been depressed to see Bissette called away from his own work. (I think this was while Tyrant was still a going concern.) But given Bissette’s subsequent withdrawal from comics, I’d now be thrilled to see even licensed WFH work from him. (I’m sure Bissette would disagree…)

    So, uh, Woodring-Bissette on Swamp Thing?

    –Chris K

  • Rich Handley says:

    Woodring’s Jabba comics are hilariously funny–some of Dark Horse’s best. I’d absolutely love to see him write a Swamp Thing comic–but only if Mike Sterling wasn’t available.

  • I Am Baytor says:

    Wow! I’m famous, Ma!

    Swamp Thing will get his own series and Wolverine will be part of the team. It doesn’t matter that Wolverine is a Marvel characters; he’s money in the bank. …and I think it’s the law.

  • Todd says:

    I’d like to see Paul Cornell take a shot at Swamp Thing. Maybe Tan Eng Huat on art? Kelley Jones?

    Of course, I’d lose interest the first time Batman or Green Lantern showed up in the book, regardless of whose names are credited. I much prefer my psychological horror sans the more specific psychological horror of grown men grappling with each other while clad in spandex leotards (Yeah, I prefer my “Vertigo” characters to live just outside the DCU, regardless of whether they were “born” there and I’m really not looking forward the the new status of these characters. I know this makes me a bad person).

  • Dean says:

    I hate Ryp’s art so much. The Avatar stuff that he did with Ellis was one of the few times that I bought a comic in spite of the art.

  • Pal Cully says:

    You should write it and Kelly Jones should do the art !!

  • Frowny says:

    I agree with Dean. Ryp makes everything look like meat-even his explosions.

  • steve says:

    I don’t know what made you think of Jim Woodring but that is fucking brilliant. Unfortunately, now I’ll never be happy until such a comic exists.

  • DeliriouJAB says:

    The title of this seems more accurate now that I could have ever imagined.