Paraphernalia Phriday.

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ad from Creem Magazine Vol. 11 #3 (August 1979)

Yeah, I know, this has not a whole lot to do with comics…well, maybe comix, as in “underground,” but anyway…I just sold a bunch of rock ‘n’ roll mags on the eBay, and as I was poking through one of them, I spotted that ad and it made me laugh. So, what can I tell you?

And don’t worry…I’m fairly certain Paraphernalia Phriday won’t be a regular thing. Unless I start rereading my Freak Brothers and Dopin’ Dan comics.

7 Responses to “Paraphernalia Phriday.”

  • heh heh… “DEALERS” price.


  • Nat Gertler says:

    “Won’t the arresting officer be shocked when he pulls out your ‘switchblade’ thinking it’s contraband, only to find it’s… contraband!”

    For some reason, the crack pipe that unexpectedly shivs you sold much better.

  • ExistentialMan says:

    I would love to see a high school version of West Side Story in which Bernardo goes to stab Riff but accidentally pulls out a switchblade …roachclip. Then, Tony could kill Bernardo with his switchblade …comb.

  • Ah, CREEM, my teenage bible.

  • Bob says:

    They pull a knife, you pull a roachclip. That’s the Chicago way.

  • Bob says:

    By the way, $4.95 with postage, in the era of 40 cent comics, that thing is like a dozen comics. One expensive roachclip…

  • Ed says:

    And it “really works”! Not like all those non-operating mock-ups of switchblade roach clips you’re constantly coming across.