This must have been some convention.

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This is a program for the 1980 Festival of Children’s Television convention, run as a benefit for the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. It features an introduction by Mark Evanier, lots of black and white photos of the guests wth brief bios (such as Walter Lantz, “Grandpa” Al Lewis, Billy Barty, Walker Edminston*, Daws Butler, Dr. Demento, Henry Winkler, Betty Boop’s Grim Natwick, “this nation’s most celebrated peanut vendor” Roger Owens, and many more), and that great cover by Sergio Aragones. Click that pic to make it larger.

I particularly like this detail, with the adult fellow at the left shedding a happy tear at the sight of (yet another guest) Bob Clampett and Cecil the Seasick Sea Serpent:

And dig Tweety giving us the Tweety Strut at the bottom of that image. That’s one badass bird.

* That would be Land of the Lost‘s Enik, much beloved by a young Mikester…and an old Mikester, too, when you get right down to it.

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