Two books.

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So pal Tom F. dropped off another load of books at the shop, and in this particular stash was an item I’d mentioned just a few days ago that I’d been looking for:

Yes, the Al Williamson adaptation of the 1980 Flash Gordon movie. While we had the recent Al Williamson Flash Gordon book in stock at our shop, with the complete artwork of this adaptation presented in nice, clear black and white, I kind of wanted it as it originally was printed, garish (and I do mean garish) coloring and all. Kind of a nostalgic, “present the material with all the cheesiness it was intended to have,” kind of thing, I guess.

Anyway, it’s finally in my possession. I CLAIM THIS COMIC IN THE NAME OF MIKE.

Here’s another goodie from the box of books:

Lots and lots of interviews and quotes with the stars, about all the fun they had, all the work that went into costumes and special effects, and George Clooney saying “playing Batman is the high point of my career.” Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s not like he was going to say “boy, I’m pretty sure I’m going to regret ever having done this film,” but still, it’s interesting reading a book like this, designed to pump up and promote the film in the most positive way possible, from the perspective of years after the fact, when the film’s tarnished reputation has been firmly established. It’s like reading a tragedy, where you know the tragic ending is coming, but it never actually arrives in the book itself.

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