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  • Sort of surprised that my post about Electric Superman got the response it did. Most of you had fond memories of this storyline, a few of you really didn’t care for it, and quite a few folks commented on this version of Superman being used by Grant Morrison during his run on JLA. I remember at the time thinking that it was a shame Morrison couldn’t use Superman Classic (well, Superman in His Regular Costume, I mean…Superman Classic is, of course, edited by Mort Weisinger and drawn by Curt Swan). I don’t know why I thought that, really, since I was enjoying the storyline in the Superman books. Maybe it was a personal perception that the Justice League book should be free of the story machinations in the characters’ individual titles…as was also noted, the “Death of Wonder Woman” story was reflected in the series as well. I know that probably wouldn’t happen with the main Justice League series, since it has to be in continuity and fit in with everything else being published or people will gripe. But still…Morrison did a good job with the toys he was allowed to use.

    As for the storyline proper, as it appeared in the Superman books…I did quite enjoy it. The Superman line wasn’t quite firing on all cylinders like it was during the whole Death/Return thing, but it was perfectly fine serialized superhero shenaniganery. One of these days I should go through and do an overview of all of the post-Death event storylines. I suspect “Death of Clark Kent” will rank highest on the “Biggest Groaner” chart.

  • BEHOLD: Pal Andrew, the giant brain behind Armagideon Time, has unleashed a new website for you fans of funnybooks and its portrayal of youthful counterculture – COMICPUNX.
  • Johnny Bacardi has a new batch of reviews up at Popdose, which I wanted to point out since this is, I think, the first review of Darkwing Duck to note writer pal Ian‘s status as a founding member of the Associated Comics And Pop Culture Webloggers Of Ventura County, CA And Outlying Environs (which is, as I’m sure you guessed, ACAPCWOVCCAOE for short). Thanks, Johnny!
  • Neilalien continues to post limericks, and posted mine the other day. Gasp in horror at the most strained rhyme ever!

4 Responses to “Another post with a bunch of bullet-pointed entries.”

  • philip says:

    Shenaniganery? I heart you, Mike Sterling.

  • ykw says:

    “Superman Classic is, of course, edited by Mort Weisinger”

    You misspelled “Julie Schwartz”.

  • Tim O'Neil says:

    The Death of Clark Kent is so bad it makes the baby Jesus weep. Also: worth pointing out that Conduit is one of the worst villains ever, made ever badder by having an even more nonsensical name than Cable, while staying in the same general “hardware & appliances” theme.

    I have fond memories of Dead Again, however.

  • Well, Morrison himself complained about having to follow the individual titles’ continuities, as I recall. The Superman-moves-the-moon thing was clearly written to be Superman actually *moving* the moon, not creating a giant electromagnet with which to repel it from the earth.

    I get a big kick out of the two pages in the World War III trade paperback that basically say, “on top of everything else, we have a crappy John-Byrne-screws-with-the-Fourth-World crossover we have to go take part in between issues!” “OK, now that we’re back…”