This character always seemed a bit peculiar to me…

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…and seeing her in three-dimensional action figure form doesn’t dissuade me from that particular feeling. And frankly, the very idea of her figure having “arm-spinning action” is making me a little nauseous.

I probably won’t be mentioning any of this in the eventual eBay auction listing.

7 Responses to “This character always seemed a bit peculiar to me…”

  • Old Bull Lee says:

    I’m just picturing someone buying this from you and then finding this post and feeling ashamed.

  • Nate says:

    She’s only slightly less ridiculous than an action figure of Forearm

  • She would have a future in porn, I’d think, if the whole “extradimensional assassin” thing hit a dry spell.

  • adam ford says:

    used to have it (bought it on ebay, actually). got rid of it. saw this pic. had a momentary twinge of wanting it again. but that would only lead to the inevitable tracking down of all of the longshot figs from that line, and really only mojo was worth keeping… longshot especially was pretty shonky.

  • Aw, jeeze. We have this ON THE TOY SHELF of our store.

    We’re pretty casual about mixing Old Stock That’s Worthless On eBay with brand-new stuff from Diamond. We also have a two-pack of those DC Pocket Heroes you mocked yesterday (Mon-El and Lightning Lad).

  • Adam Horovitz says:

    Spiral was one of my favourite rubbish Claremont villains – this pappy figurine sadly only accentuates the rubbishness, with none of the joyously silly Claremont kitsch in evidence at all.

  • adam ford says:

    hey. spiral’s a NOCENTI creation. give Ann her due, dude!