This would be a terrible crossover.

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So I haven’t shown you folks any more items from my button collection lately, and since my back is still on the mend, I figured this would be something relatively easy to do and wouldn’t require propping myself up at the computer desk for too long.

First, I’m not sure if I showed this button to you yet:

…but it’s a promo for this book which I don’t own but probably should. I’ll have to look into that.

I did recently get this button:

…gifted to me by pal Andres. I don’t know why this society has to be secret. Say it loud, say it proud!

Kid Chris gave me this pin, after a trip to (I believe) that Las Vegas Star Trek thing:

I don’t know if that’s Scotty or just a generic red shirt about-to-die guy, but still, pretty awesome.

I don’t have anything to say about the next set of pins except that this is fantastic:

I think Pal Dorian is responsible for me having these okay, he says “no,” which means I don’t remember who gave these to me, which makes me a terrible friend:

I really do love the Smurfs, you guys. I’ll probably even go see that movie.

I have no idea how I even got this:

If there was a “Schwing!” button, I don’t want to know. Especially if it uses the same pic.

7 Responses to “This would be a terrible crossover.”

  • GQ says:

    I want that “Who’s your Papa?” badge.

  • Rad.

    Point the first:
    Wouldn’t the Secret Bushmiller Society have the three rocks as it’s “secret” logo?

    Point the second:
    That’s totally Scotty.
    But how cool would a partially vaporized red-shirt pin be?

    Point the third:
    Smurfette loves nerds.
    Many a nerd’s secret masterbatory fantasies are now fulfilled.


  • edosan says:

    How secret of a society is it if there are buttons?

  • Andres says:

    Guys, it doesn’t say ‘top’ secret, just secret.

  • DanielBT says:

    No, Smurfette doesn’t love nerds; Brainy Smurf loves nerds.

    Look again – he’s the only glasses-wearing one in that button. Which seems to be a self-fulfilling prophecy amongst nerds in love with their voices.

    That, and getting their skulls bashed in for talking too much.

    What? That never happened in the cartoons? Then you’re in for a treat when the comics FINALLY get translated again.

  • Adam says:

    I remember reading about the secret bushmiller society a couple years ago…

  • Employee Aaron says:

    I got you the smurf buttons mister mike!