Now I just need to get the other 999 to complete my set.

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Here’s another item picked up for me at a San Diego Comic Con from some years back…the Hellboy Convention Sketchbook, copyrighted 2001:

Digest-sized, 24 black and white pages plus covers, hand-signed in pencil on the first page by Mike Mignola, numbered 652/1000. Each page features a single illustration of Hellboy.

Mostly I’m just posting these Hellboy items to make Hellboy Fan #1 Employee Aaron jealous.

But partially I’m posting them because I’m having some slight back trouble again…not as bad as last time, thankfully, but sitting in front of a computer and typing is not the most comfortable thing at the moment. So please excuse my Low Content Hellboy Week as I recuperate.

3 Responses to “Now I just need to get the other 999 to complete my set.”

  • Phantasm says:

    I wince whenever you talk about being in pain or poor health. Couldn’t happen to a less deserving person. I’m sure everyone’s pulling for you, I know I am.

  • GQ says:

    Pretty cool item! And hope you feel better soon, Mike.

  • argh sims says:

    Get better, man. Your low-content-mode stuff is better than a lot of blogs, and when you are on a roll, you are one of the best!