Third thing to go: the ability to beat kids at video games.

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Sorry for the Low Content Mode over the last day or two…I’ve been otherwise occupied with, you know, things and stuff, which hasn’t been leaving me with a lot of prime blogging time. And, frankly, I’ve been going through a bit of a low point re: blogging enthusiasm, and I needed to recharge the batteries a little. Writing a longish review/reminiscence for another site (which should be up soon) helped pull me out of that funk a bit, so hopefully I’ll be back to normal in short order. Thanks for your patience, internet pals!

In the meantime, let’s see what other people who do have something to say…er, have to say, I guess:

  • Congrats to Tim O’Neil, who reached his 1000th post, and cites me as one of his inspirations, which is extremely nice of him. He and I have been doing the blog thing for more or less the exact same amount of time, except he did the smart thing and only posted when he felt like it. Anyway, Tim is one of those few bloggers whose posts I immediately jump to whenever I see he has something new up in my feed reader, and I’m always rewarded with something insightful and amusing. Like, for example, this initial installment of his examination of the work of Frank Miller, which already promises to be a good read.
  • Tom Spurgeon reviews The Art of Jaime Hernandez, which is absolutely a beautiful-looking book, and highly recommended. I’d been meaning to mention that our store gets kinda/sorta mentioned…not by name, but as the “local comic shop in Ventura” that was the first to carry the original self-published version of Love and Rockets. I seem to remember seeing that original #1 in the local Big Indie Record Store at the time, too, but maybe I’m remembering wrong. I am old, you know…the brain’s the second thing to go.*
  • I’ve mentioned before that Andrew is one of my favorite comic bloggers…intelligent, witty, and has a fantastic Bostonian accent that’s a pleasure to listen to over the Xbox Live chat function, helping to ease the pain of his unerring ability to slaughter me repeatedly whenever we play Grand Theft Auto IV together. Anyway, all that preamble is about is to get you to visit this link to another entry in his ongoing series “Nobody’s Favorites.” This time he talks about a character in a comic that I see all the time at the shop, but I think, to this day, I’ve never actually looked inside it. And Andrew’s post makes me glad I haven’t.
  • I haven’t linked to them in a while, but every week I download and listen to War Rocket Ajax, the Podcast That Walks Like A Man, and you can listen to the newest episode right here. This is a shorter episode, with Chris and Eugene shootin’ the breeze for about an hour. Good stuff, and one of the very few comic podcasts I listen to.
  • Who’s got webcomics for sale in print form? Why, Agreeable Comics does, with new print editions of She Died in Terrebonne and The Loneliest Astronauts available at prices too low to mention here! Also available for sale is the first book collection of The Rack, which features one strip written by ME!!!!!!!, and a bunch of strips by some other guys whose names escape me.
  • I should note that I’ve been working on The Bureau Chiefs site, the home of the folks what brung you Fake AP Stylebook. One feature I work on has a name that may be familiar to longterm fans of my site: “This Is A Fetish for Someone.” Mostly it’s just pics of terrible things found by me and the rest of the Chiefs, combined with a short comment or two from me. I also assist pal Dorian and the other Chiefs in the production of his News Briefs column, providing smart-alecky commentary on current events. It’s a lot of fun, and I hope you folks enjoy it as well. Or, at least, aren’t terribly offended by it.

Hmmm…well, I actually feel a bit of that blogging enthusiasm coming back after writing all that. I guess the cure to “not feeling like writing” is “writing anyway!”

* The first thing to go? “Lack of excess ear hair.” Look forward to that, younglings.

6 Responses to “Third thing to go: the ability to beat kids at video games.”

  • Harvey Jerkwater says:

    While I may have a receding hairline, by gum, I have the EAR HAIR OF A CHAMPION. That alone is worth getting old. Brave men faint at the sight of it. Young women long to run their fingers through my ears’ lustrous manes.

    Plus, it reduces wind resistance around the sides of my head and helps me run faster. So, y’know, bonus.

  • adam barnett says:

    It’s always amazed me that you post EVERY BLEEDING DAY. That would wear ANYONE out!

  • philip says:

    “This is a fetish for someone” has found its way into my everyday conversation. Well not every day, but I do manage to use it fairly regularly. I’ll allow that it is probably amusing to no one but me.

  • Andres says:

    Hope the shipment of FCBD totes arrived OK.

  • Mr Garfield says:

    “Posting every day” is a fetish for some unnamed someone….

  • CW says:

    Reading this site is my personal fetish. Makes me feel all “funny” inside … ;)