Your Sunday Swamp (And Man-) Thing update.

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It’s a short’un, so here you go:

  • As has been emailed to me, and as also been popping up in my “Swamp Thing” Google alerts (yes, I’m the guy with the Google alert set for occurrences of “swamp thing.” And “progressive ruin.” And the word “the”), the guy who made the movie Cube (which ain’t half bad) also would like to make a Swamp Thing flick. Not that I expect to happen, ever, but I’d like to see it.

    Someone in the comments says this:

    “Has to be better than the first two campy Swamp Thing movies.”

    Sir, those two Swamp Thing movies are genius. The second movie has Swamp Thing escaping from explosions and gunmen by driving a Jeep with Heather Locklear in the passenger seat. Just as God intended.

  • In other swamp creature news, Siskoid covers that one What If story where Man-Thing retains the mind of Ted Sallis, the poor sap what got himself all swamped up. I’m kind of glad he did, because after being reminded a week or so back that I do not have this particular comic in the Vast Mikester Comic Archives, I looked at the shop for it…and we don’t have it there, either? What’s a boy to do?

    Yeah, yeah, I know, look on the eBay for it, or something. I’ll get around to it someday.

  • More Swamp Thing stuff…a Googling revealed this item at Walmart, a DVD featuring “10 Favorite Episodes” of the Swamp Thing live action TV series. Frankly, I’m surprised they managed to find ten. Meanwhile, at Best Buy, there’s an “Eight Favorite Episodes” DVD for the series, which is, perhaps, a little more keeping with expectations. Hey, it’s $12.99…financing available!

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  • I bought those eight episodes last July, apparently:

    I’m fairly certain I got the disc at Borders, though. At a substantially reduced price.

  • CW says:

    I can’t believe that “What If?” story had Man-Thing turning evil. Must’ve been a Swamp Thing fan who wrote the script … ;)

    (well… I guess of the two of them, Man-Thing would really be the one who drools, what his being mindless and all, but since he has no mouth – despite several writers having him utter noises and whatnot – which I won’t go into here… OR that “DayDreamers” thing where he could talk, but of course that was Franklin Richards up to no good… the little puke…)

    Where was I?
    Oh, hck with it.

    Maybe someone will get around to producing a better MAN-THING movie too, while they’re at it.

    The one that they did make… while not really horrible, mind you, but honestly, not good either.


    (For MORE Man-Thing goodness, check out my blog – especially recent posts – which is dedicated to Doctor Strange, Rom Spaceknight and MAN-THING.)

  • Bill Reed says:

    As much as I like(d) Dick Durock, I’d rather have the animated series on DVD.

  • Prankster says:

    I’m actally hearing the “Splice” is getting a real push and is supposedly pretty good, and the name Alan Moore still has SOME cachet in Hollywood, so it might not actually be that farfetched. I mean, I wouldn’t have bet on a Hellboy movie a few years ago either.

  • C. Elam says:

    Mike, that issue is reprinted in the trade What If? Classic Vol. 4, if Ralph’s has a copy and you just want to read the story.

  • Mikester (and other kind readers),

    While keeping the MAN-THING angle fresh (a day late… well, actually 17 years late as you’ll see), I posted artwork from a 1993 “Secret Defenders” pitch that I had worked up back in 1993.

    Featuring Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Scarlet Witch and MAN-THING.

    WHY should you care?

    MAN-THING gives birth.
    To himself.
    Yeah… that gotcha hooked.

    Images and Linkees over on my blog


  • Oops… should probably have linked directly to the post.

    My bad.

    Here ya go: