Sluggo Saturday #47.

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from The Best of Ernie Bushmiller’s Nancy (1988) – thanks to pal Andres

3 Responses to “Sluggo Saturday #47.”

  • Rich Handley says:

    I live for Sluggo Saturdays. My wife, who has never heard of Nancy and Sluggo and who’s never read a comic in her life, even cracks up at these.

  • KarMann says:

    Woah, hold on here! I always thought that the rationale behind comic strip characters’ hats popping off like that was that it was propelled off by the force of their hair standing up on end. So how can you explain this happening to Sluggo here?!?

    (This is directed at the original, of course, not your spin on it.)

  • David Z. says:

    KarMann–do not underestimate the Stubble of Sluggo.