And now, the greatest sculpture ever created in the long history of humankind.

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More spectacular than Mount Rushmore! More arms than the Venus de Milo! More stylish clothing than Michelangelo’s David! Slightly more boxing than the Rocky statue! Harder than Claes Oldenburg’s Soft Toilet! It’s the pinnacle of human achievement:


It’s being produced to tie into the long-awaited rerelease of the classic Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali treasury edition, coming in a regular sized deluxe edition with a new cover and unpublished art, and a facsimile edition with the original cover, and printed at its original size.

It’s Superman and Muhammad Ali teaming up to fight an alien invasion. With boxing. Drawn by Neal Adams at his absolute peak. It’s the perfect comic book.

…Why, yes, I do like this comic, why do you ask?

17 Responses to “And now, the greatest sculpture ever created in the long history of humankind.”

  • C. Elam says:

    Truly, we live in a miraculous age.

  • Bob says:

    It’s the Apocalypse in Metropolis! Or maybe the Rumble in the Scarlet Jungle, if the fight is on Krypton…

    Ali, bomaye! Ali, bomaye!

    So, are they going to let Adams do his modern Adamsization of the colouring?

  • At $250 this gem is not going to be making it into my house. Still, it is the most tempting comics related statue I’ve seen since that freaky Crumb “Devil Girl doing yoga” thing from about a decade back.

  • Trinity Moses says:

    You know, that was just a retcon of the 1962 comic SUPERMAN VS. SONNY LISTON.

  • I want one so bad but that price…

  • Nat Gertler says:

    While I long imagined a reprint of this work, I was always picturing more tie-in materials. Statue, great, but wouldn’t you like a fight poster for the bout? Or a t-shirt or all the other sort of things that are available at a major prize fight?

    But statue is cool. Superman is about the only “brand” one can have interact with Ali without diluting Ali.

  • Andres says:

    How do they explain in-story how Superman doesn’t knock his head off?

  • philip says:

    Does this mean civilization will not end? The statue is fantastic, though I’m in the “neat but not at that price” camp, too. I’m glad the story is being reprinted. My old copy is, shall we say, moldering and I’d love to read it again.

    Also, the über-nerd in me wants someone to offer a print of the audience from the cover, so it can be displayed behind the statue. The statue that I’m not buying.

  • Chris McAree says:

    I have never bought a statue….but I want this one!

  • Trinity Moses says:

    Andres: It turns out that the awesomeness of Ali has the same effect as Kryptonite.

  • A great part of that book was spotting the folks who did NOT give permission for their likness to be used. A LOT of folks had mustaches or beards slapped on them. John Wayne, Woody Allen and others. Some folks just had their names changed (Telly Savalas became Lex Luthor)

  • The fight happened under a red sun, so Superman was really just _____man.

  • T.M. Maplesyrup says:


  • Scott Rowland says:

    Nice statue.

    I loved the book, and am glad to see it being reprinted, but . . .

    The extra material only seems to be in the reduced size edition? AAARGGGHHH!

    If nothing else, they really do need to include the Joe Kubert version of the cover (sans celebrities, for those who don’t know.)

  • Jack says:

    They’re reprinting Superman vs. Muhammad Ali?

    Oh do want. Yesterday!

  • Anonymous says:

    “Float like a butterfly, punch like Doomsday!”

  • T.M.,

    That made me snort coke out my nose. You’re name doesn’t help the laughter stop either.