Stuff other people did, and a terrible thing I did.

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  • So someone took this terrifying Sluggo Saturday post of mine and, somehow, someway, made it even more terrifying.
  • More Sluggo comes our way via Paul, who sent me a link to Kaz’s site for this perhaps Not Work Safe rendition of a cerrtain Mr. S. Smith.
  • Close, personal internet pals Comfort and Adam (who will always hold a special place in what remains of my withered, bitter heart for their Swamp Thing vs. Wildcat drawings) are still producing their comic The Uniques. Issue #9 was just released, and you can purchase downloadable digital copies of every installment for cheap, and the Luddites can get their Print-on-Demand copies for just slightly less cheap. Solid homegrown superhero stuff, and worth checking out.
  • Speaking of comics, which, as it turns out, I sometimes do here, I’d like to remind you all that Awesome Hospital started this past week, and (having, perhaps, being privy to some future pages) this comic truly does live up to its name. Brought to you by Chad Bowers, Chris Sims, Matt Digges, and Josh Krach. comics’ awesome-est power team.
  • Hiatus week at The Rack means guest-artist pin-ups! Ming Doyle, David Lentz, TJ Kirsch, and Rusty Shackles are taking care of the place while Birdie and Church are away.
  • So that list of 100 Best Comic Book Covers being put together over at Minor Henchman has wrapped up, and you can see the fourth and final part right here. (And here are parts 1, 2, and 3.)
  • “So,” asked pal Dorian when he dropped by the store, “where’s your pick of the week?”

    “Whoops!” said I. “I’d been busy, and I forgot to put the ‘Mike’s Pick of the Week’ tag on the new comics shelf. I shall correct this problem immediately!”

    And there was much rejoicing across the land.

12 Responses to “Stuff other people did, and a terrible thing I did.”

  • Why don’t you just pick some pogs as long as you’re going down that road.

  • Aaron says:

    In the little picture there it looks like the title is “Gay for Justice” which makes the image take on all sorts of different meanings.

  • John says:

    That’s a really bad font choice, because I keep reading it as “Gay For Justice”, which might have been a better plotline.

  • John says:

    Aaron beat me to it…as it were.

  • CW says:

    Aren’t we all gay for justice, deep down inside? ;)

  • David C says:

    Maybe this is some sort of Freudian eyeball slip on my end, but damned if I didn’t read that as “Gay For Justice” at first glance. A book I’d have picked up, mind you.

  • Rocco says:

    I have to get on the “Gay for Justice” bandwagon as well… Maybe it’s the blurriness of the shot?

  • Bill Reed says:

    Nah, it’s been called “Gay for Justice” since the first issue came out.

  • Chad says:

    Damn, I’d hate to be the person who stopped reading comics since the mid-’90s, decided to take them up again recently, and picked up “Cry for Justice” thinking, “Hey, James Robinson! I did love Starman!”

  • Mikester says:

    Looks like “Cay for Justice” to me. “Welcome to…Justice Island.”

  • Anonymous says:

    Speaking of odd variations of Swamp Thing, where’s this “Purple Swamp Thing” from the first 4 issues of Ambush Bug Year None I’ve been hearing about?

    I mean really, a purple Swamp Thing running around in Ambush Bug?

    I’d really like to see that…

    Also, how is Congorilla running so fast? Is he a speedster now?

    A frickin’ elderly ape in the JLA instead of Swamp Thing? That’s a gyp, man.

  • edosan says:


    …not that there’s anything wrong with that.