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So anyway, a while back pal Dana and Employee Timmy were planning to go to a particular event together, and Dana repeatedly reminded Timmy to “dress nicely.” She of course made the mistake of doing so within my presence, thus resulting in my telling Timmy that the perfect complement to any formal wear is, of course, the sombrero. Man oh man, I do love sombreros.

Well, Dana, an apparent supporter of the anti-sombrero agenda, did not hold to my opinions on fashion, and forbade Timmy from sporting a stylish sombrero for the function they planned to attend. Which of course caused me to extol the virtues of the beloved sombrero to Timmy nearly every day leading up to the actual event, in turn causing additional grief to Dana and further warnings from her to Timmy. And the occasional threat of punching to me.

Alas, Timmy ultimately did not take my advice and attended the event with Dana sans sombrero. But, months later, for Valentine’s Day, Dana and her friend Jorean gifted the store and its employees with a multitude of hand-crafted greeting cards, including this fine example for yours truly:

The inside reads “Payback’s a BITCH” which, we can all agree, is in the true spirit of Valentine’s Day. Apparently the point is that for all my grief given to Dana about sombreros, her revenge is giving me a drawing of Swamp Thing (whom you may recall is my favorite comic book character) in a sombrero. There’s just one thing she did not count on: the only thing more awesome than Swamp Thing? Swamp Thing in a sombrero. And the only thing cooler than that? Swamp Thing in two sombreros. You know, in case Dana was wondering what to draw for me next time.

The other cards were pretty swell, too, so I’ll try to get scans of those when I can. Assuming Dana doesn’t kill me for putting this one up on the site.

Also, the cards came with homemade cookies. Mmmmmm homemade cookies.

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Kevin Church saw yesterday’s Sluggo Saturday and decided to improve it/make it slightly creepier:

That’s my hideous mug peeking back at you on the canvas there. I look just like Nancy!

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They’re making Watchmen pieces for the Heroclix tabletop mini-figure war game thingamajig. Pieces pictured: Silk Spectre and Comedian. Set includes 25 pieces, which should cover all the superhero characters in the book, though I hope there’s room for the two Bernies (the newsstand operator and the kid mooching the free read…I want Kid Bernie’s piece to be just him sitting down and reading the comic). Also, Employee Tim mentioned that there should be a Seymour piece, and yes, dammit, there absolutely should be. Seymour’s the real hero of Watchmen, you know.

This quote amused me a bit:

“…We’ve got a comprehensive offering that will satisfy both avid gamers and Watchmen movie fans.”

So maybe the set will also include pieces featuring Rorschach chopping that guy’s head, Nite Owl falling to his knees and shouting “NOOOOO,” and of course a dual-figure sculpt commemorating that 48 minute long sex scene between Daniel and Laurie.

…Okay, I do buy the occasional Heroclix figure if it’s a character I like…so I’m likely to be sorely tempted by these. But, seriously, I want the Bernies as part of the set. C’mon, you know that’d be awesome.

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9 Responses to “¡Sombreros!”

  • Actually the good news is they probably will include Bernie.

    The bad news? He’ll be a pog!

    I’m sure they’ve got their poggy plans all set up just to spite you.

  • Rocco says:

    I used to be an avid Wizkids fan.. To the point where I had virtually every piece from every game.. Then the company folded and well, it astounds me every time some one posts links to products I don’t know about. Since I was always *the* person in the know especially when it came to Heroclix.. I find this extremely amusing, as they went on for 5 years about how they will never make Watchmen-clix, because the games for kiddies.. They also said similar things about Etrigan and Lobo, who were also made..

    I should totally mod a Swampthing figure to have a sombrero..

  • jonboy says:

    I’m amused/disturbed that Nancy is sitting on a raised stool in a miniskirt that obviously gives Sluggo a direct eyeline to her nether regions.

    Hence Sluggo’s appreciative thumbs-up.

    “I’ll pose for you.” indeed.

  • Skycrashesdown says:

    Actually, Wizkids tried to get DC to do Watchmen Heroclix for years, to no avail. Even when the movie was in production, they didn’t want to do it. I don’t know if it was the success of the movie that convinced them or that Neca has more money to offer.

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