Comic Book Confidential #1 (Sphinx Productions, 1988).

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This 16-page black and white comic was a promotional item for Ron Mann’s documentary about comic book creators Comic Book Confidential, and features a cover and first page by Yummy Fur‘s Chester Brown. Here’s one panel from that first page:

Most of the rest of the comic is comprised of very brief biographies and samples of art for all of the film’s interviewees, plus one representational quote apiece:

I’m not certain how these were distributed, as I’ve never seen it in the wild. Presumably stacks of them were placed at various locations where they were likely to grab the attention of the film’s target audience (comic shops, indie record stores, Protestant churches, etc.), and the inside front cover of my copy here has a sticker with information on where you could see the film:

I happened to find this in a dollar box at a convention, a bit late to attend that particular screening, wherever it was. In fact, despite knowing about this film since its release, despite having had a copy of the movie poster on my wall for a few years, I’ve never actually seen the film. Not on purpose…I was always open to seeing it, but for one reason or another I never got around to it. Checking the Netflix, I see that it’s supposed to be added to their “Watch Instantly” streaming library on February 1st, which is pretty good timing since I just happen to be thinking and writing about this film at this very moment. Thus, added to the queue, and maybe I’ll have a word or two to say about it here after I finally see it.

Couldn’t find the comic on Amazon, but, left to right, here are ads for the DVD, streaming Video on Demand Blu-ray and the old Voyager CD-ROM:

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