Space Ghost Coast to Coast "Vol. 1 No. 2" (Cartoon Network, 1994).

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This is an eight-page, full-color, slickly-printed promotional comic advertising the then-new Space Ghost Coast to Coast comedy/talk/cartoon show on Cartoon Network, and I have no idea how I got this in my collection. I don’t remember acquiring it, I don’t remember seeing it “in the wild” and deciding to add it to the collection, I don’t remember it being given to me. And yet, there it is, in all its shilling-ness. I also don’t have any idea why it’s #2, unless it’s an oblique reference to one of the Space Ghost comics that came before.

The story (writer and artist uncredited) gives the origin of the Coast to Coast talk show, presenting Space Ghost as a superhero whose enemies have all been caught, his friends all moved on (sidekicks Jan and Jace gone to college, space monkey Blip on an extended leave to be with family). He’s adrift in life, listless and without purpose:

…Until he discovers while studying broadcasts from Earth that a horrible disaster is looming:

Oh, Space Ghost, if only you’d come back and take care of our current talk show problems.

The inside back cover has a description of the show, noting the fictional crew (“Musical Director …………… Zorak”), the premise of the series, and a list of promised future guests. The back cover has Space Ghost requesting that you, the reader, contact your cable operator if you’re not already receiving Cartoon Network.

I didn’t find any copies on either eBay or Amazon during my brief investigations at either site, so I’ll just put up an ad for the DVDs for the Coast to Coast show:

EDIT: link dead

This was a pretty good show, I thought, if occasionally very uncomfortable when one of the live-action guests didn’t get into (or, alternatively, plain just didn’t get) the gag of being interviewed by a cartoon character…except that Bee Gees episode. That was awesome.
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