"GJDRKZLXCBWQ" Comics (Glenn Bray/Basil Wolverton, 1973).

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This mini-comics digest features several full page gag illos of the sort Basil Wolverton was so famous for – portraits of nightmarish grotesqueries:

…as well as a handful of very short (two or three panel) gag sequences.

Don’t have a whole lot to say about this particular item, other than “drink in the beauty of that cover.” I’m pretty sure my initial exposure to Wolverton was via Mad Magazine, either from the concluding panel of “The Face upon the Floor” (reprinted in one of those Mad comic facsimiles inserted in the specials) or from one of his rare full articles in a ’70s Mad. However I first learned about him, I would generally pick up any comics that would reprint samples of his work, from the Eclipse Mr. Monster that would sometimes present a classic horror tale of his, or Fantagraphics’ several reprint books (such as Powerhouse Pepper or that Wolvertoons collection).

This item turned up in the same underground collection Das Kampf did, and as I said about that comic, mini-comics and comics digests always catch my eye. A mini-comic by Wolverton? Definitely a keeper.

Surprisingly, I found someone on Amazon selling this for $20, which I don’t think is entirely unreasonable. I wonder if anybody else is trying to sell it there, but misspelled the name? Wouldn’t be hard to do.

I still have a few more scarce-ish items from my collection in the hopper for display on my site. Hopefully you’re not sick of these yet!

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