Here are some things other people are doing.

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  • Pal Dorian’s Paperback Book Club feature is approaching its 100th installment, and instead of showing off yet another book from his own shelf, he wants you to send in your own favorite paperbacks! A scan and maybe a brief bit of writing regarding said book, and you’re in. Here are the details. I know which book I’m sending in!
  • Found via Kevin Church, a photoblog featuring very nicely-done photos of Star Wars action figures. This Hammerhead image is particularly striking.
  • Chris Sims celebrates five years of blogging! Five years of people telling him he forgot something in each of his posts! Five years of kicks to the face! Five years of thrown car batteries! Congratulations, Chris!
  • Pal Nat Gertler has moved his TV blog to a new address: Update your links and bookmarks accordingly, like I will do when I finally get around to polishing up the sidebar there.
  • In the comments section for this post, there is some discussion as to the source of Mina Harker’s (and Allen Quartermain’s) apparent longevity. It is explained, between the lines (but just barely between them…Moore pretty much sledgehammers you with how subtle he’s being about this particular plot twist) at the end of the text piece in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Series 2 #4.

    That’ll keep you readin’ the text pages! Also, at some point during the travelogue presented by this particular series of text pieces, mention is made of one of my favorite childhood books, The Shy Stegosaurus of Cripple Creek. See, you could have missed that!

  • Striking new black and white Swamp Thing sketch for you to enjoy, right here.
  • And speaking of Swamp Thing drawings, here’s Rick Veitch’s completed Swampy tryptych. (“Swamptych?”)

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