I forgot that I’m a blogger, so I’d better blog!

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“Yipes! I forgot I’m a witch!”

“Oops! I, Sgt. Fury, forgot that I hate Nazis, and therefore I’d better start shooting them instead of sending them presents.”

“Crap! I, the Human Torch, forgot I was on fire. Er…sorry about the couch, sis.”

“D’oh! I, Batman, forgot I hate crime! Let me stop helping these criminals rob this bank and I shall instead punch them and throw car batteries at them!”

“Whoops! I, Spider-Man, forgot that I was married! No, really, that’s what happened!”

“Well, shoot…I, Jonah Hex, forgot I was disfigured. I’ll have to change which side of my face I present to the camera during my many portrait sittings.”

“Ah, poop…I, the Thing, forgot I was big and rocky. These Speedos are going to look terrible.”

“Darn…I, Wonder Woman, forgot that I am a wonderful woman, and had best get started on womaning up some wondrous womany-type woman stuff.”

“Don’t this beat all…I, Ant Man, forgot that I’m the size of an ant. You’d think that’d be sort of obvious to me.”

“Well, duh…I, Man-Thing, forgot that I can’t talk, therefore              “

images from Sabrina #40 (August 1977)

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